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Michigan "super drunk" arrests decline


Drunk driving is a serious problem. The legislature has attempted to deal with this by casting a wider net to capture drunk drivers and increasing the penalties for a criminal conviction. In Michigan today, you can be charged with drunken driving if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 and operating while intoxicated with high blood alcohol content, or "super drunk" if your BAC is 0.15 or above.

Use the proper license if you want a deer this November


As the television show suggests, "winter is coming," even if the mild temperatures this fall in Michigan make that seem unlikely. While 60 degrees is unusual for Michigan in November, in addition to the inevitability of winter and with it, snowy roads with icy conditions, there is another danger on the roads in November, and that is deer.

Ann Arbor hit-and-run driver still awaiting fatal crash charges


All traffic accidents resulting in a fatality are tragic. Someone, or sometimes more than one person, lose their lives in what are nearly always inexcusable examples of negligence. One driver chooses to drive drunk, fatigued, after using drugs, while texting or otherwise distracted. They run a stop sign or an intersection, are going too fast and run off the road and some other person is killed.

If at first you don't succeed, recall, recall again


While you may worry about many of the safety hazards that can develop in car and trucks, such as the recent General Motors ignition switch defect or the Takata air bag defect, you probably assume that once you arrive home and exit your vehicle, you are safe from the potential for injury due to a defective motor vehicle.

Trooper's death leads to criminal charges against driver


Anytime you are on the road, it is important to maintain control of your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings. You should always watch the traffic ahead of your vehicle, as well as keeping an eye on vehicles that may be passing you or potentially lurking in blind spots.

Deadly weekend on Michigan roads


The difficulty in reducing fatal car crashes was displayed last weekend here in Michigan. Four people died in separate crashes, although two of the crashes were related. The first crash occurred when a driver appeared to attempt passing another vehicle in the eastbound lane and somehow lost control of her car.

NHTSA needs to improve on many fronts


Mark Rosekind has a tough job. He has not yet completed his first year on the job as chief administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). He took over the agency in the wake of two major recalls where the agency failed repeatedly to act to in any meaningful way.

The camera sees what they did


There is no shortage of traffic in the Ann Arbor-Detroit area.  The Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint Combined Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA) ranks as the eighth largest metropolitan area in the nation. With the majority of the population in Michigan comes a majority of the drivers and traffic. Crossed by multiple interstate highways and dozens of lesser roads, drivers in our part of the state often have to deal with traffic congestion and with the poor choices made by other drivers.

MDOT combines sensors and radar to warn drivers of possible crash

Collision-sensing technology is now available in several models of passenger vehicles. Sensors in the vehicles detect when another vehicles is close enough for a collision, alerting the driver with a vibration or a beep.

That technology is great for cars that are right next to one another. What if the vehicles are too far apart for the technology, but a crash is still imminent? This is a common problem at rural intersections, where roads curve around corners and hills make it hard to see vehicles stopped ahead.

Who can you trust?


Apparently, not the automotive industry. The recent disclosure of Volkswagen's manipulation of emissions tests on vehicles should not come as a surprise, given the long history of carmakers bad behavior when it comes to safety, mileage and emissions of their vehicles.

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