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Ypsilanti Motor Vehicle Accidents Blog

10 most dangerous intersections in Washtenaw County

The Michigan State Police compiles data from motor vehicle accident reports to determine some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in the state. Authorities hope that providing this information helps drivers be more aware when approaching these locations to prevent accidents and injuries

Here are ten of the most dangerous places in Washtenaw County for accidents: 

Knowledge is the best defense against medication errors

Medication errors injure hundreds of thousands of people each year. These mistakes - known as "adverse drug events"- can happen in prescribing, dispensing or administering medications.

As a patient, you depend on professional health care providers for your well-being. You're not trained to evaluate medications. You should be able to count on doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health care providers to do their jobs.

4 of the most common slip-and-fall injuries

Did you know that slip-and-fall injuries are the second most common cases that personal injury attorneys litigate? They're surpassed only by motor vehicle accidents.

Chances are you've suffered a slip-and-fall incident at some point, and perhaps it only wounded your pride. However, many people sustain serious injuries from falls. The most common include:

When should you hire a personal injury attorney?

If you were unfortunate enough to be in a car crash, you might be tempted to pursue an insurance claim on your own. However, you should keep in mind that insurance companies have teams of high-powered lawyers. Are you qualified to go up against these professionals?

You have ample insurance, so you might think you won't have any trouble obtaining compensation that is just and reasonable. The reality is that you may be facing a tremendous uphill battle. Any number of roadblocks can make your life difficult during an already challenging time. 

Before you buy your teen's first car

While your teen is counting down the days until his or her 16th birthday, you may be checking the budget and planning for that first vehicle. Modeling safe driving behaviors and encouraging your teen to drive safely may be enough to keep him or her from causing a wreck, but you cannot control what other drivers do. That is where the right vehicle makes all the difference. 

Before you begin the test drives, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers some tips for making the best purchase.

FDA warns metal hips may be dangerous

The pain that drove you to discuss a hip replacement with your doctor should have gone away once you went through the surgery and completed physical therapy. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, if your hip implant is made of metal, even if you are not currently experiencing any pain, your new joint could still be damaging your health.

In some cases, people have developed reactions and adverse effects after having a metal-on-metal hip prosthetic implanted. As a result, manufacturers have had to issue recalls on some of the devices. Even if yours is one of these recalled implants, though, you do not necessarily have to go in for surgery immediately to have yours replaced.

How much workers' compensation can you get?

If you have been injured at your job in Michigan, you may be struggling to figure out how you can manage your finances while you are off work recovering. You may also wonder how much you can receive from workers' compensation. First, it is important for you to understand that workers' compensation is not a system