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Post-Accident Injury Symptoms: Which Ones are Most Common?

The violence in a car accident is almost always startling and frightening. The physical force created by the collision of heavy, moving objects can destroy cars and trucks, and much worse, cause great harm to human bodies.

In most cities, law enforcement personnel on the scene of a motor vehicle crash will call for an ambulance if there is any suggestion of injury sustained by occupants of the vehicles involved. Sometimes, however, people will initially feel fine after a car crash and refuse treatment or an examination by a physician.

However, medical experts agree that a doctor should see anyone who has been in a motor vehicle collision. Some symptoms of injuries are difficult for laypeople to detect before they worsen.

For example, in many accidents, people experience whiplash. This happens when the victim's head experiences hyperextension when violently thrust forward, followed by a violent hyperflexion backwards. This can cause severe injuries to the muscles, nerves, ligaments and discs in the neck.

Common symptoms of post-accident injuries include the following:

  • Neck pain: up to 98 percent of people who are in major car crashes experience neck pain. The pain can be a symptom of whiplash requiring treatment. Tingling sensations in the neck can be symptoms of torn muscles there.
  • Headaches: of those in major vehicle collisions, up to 70 percent report headaches. This can be a symptom of a brain injury (including concussion) or whiplash.
  • Shoulder pain: sometimes severe discomfort can radiate down the neck into the shoulder blade. It can be a symptom of whiplash, a head injury or a back injury.
  • Back pain: this is often experienced in the form of muscle spasms, but can also be a steady pain that worsens over time until it is debilitating. Back pain can also be indicative of an injury to the spinal cord or nerves near the spinal column and its discs.

If you've been involved in a collision involving a car, truck or SUV, see your family physician afterwards as a precaution, even if you are experiencing minimal pain or discomfort. Be proactive rather than waiting and allowing treatable symptoms to deteriorate.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, it is crucial to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer will discuss what claims you may have against responsible parties.

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