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Angry drunk driver intentionally crashes into man at Michigan bar

Imagine you're at a busy bar in Michigan with a group of your friends. Just before closing time, you notice two obviously drunk men approaching the bar for another round of drinks. When the bar tender refuses to serve the men, they get aggressive.

You watch the bar tender struggle briefly before you and your friends decide to back her up. You intervene and encourage the men to leave. Although you bicker with them briefly, they eventually turn and walk out the door.

Unfortunately, they return shortly. One of the men drinks a stranger's beer from the bar and makes threatening comments. Then they leave again. You're relieved to think the ordeal is over, but as you walk to your car later, a drunk driver crashes into you.

Unlike many drunk driving accidents, the crash was not accidental. The drunk driver intentionally turned his attention to you and your group of friends. He then charged his car through the parking lot. He grazed one of your friends, and left you critically injured.

After crashing into your group of friends, the drunk man drove away. He parked his car behind a business, walked for awhile and called a friend to pick him up a few hours later. He was arrested shortly after that.

You were taken to a hospital in Central Michigan before being transferred to a second hospital. At the second hospital, you were placed in a medically induced coma in the neurological care unit.

Sadly, this is not just an upsetting choose-your-own-adventure story. This actually happened to a young man in Mt. Pleasant. Since the accident, he has been living with his parents and continuing his medical care. His parents have become responsible for footing the majority of his medical bills, and the lives of everyone in the family are uprooted while they figure out next steps.

The man who ran him down outside the bar is facing jail time for attempted murder, driving while intoxicated and failing to stop after causing a personal injury accident.

Source: Morning Sun, "Drunken spat leads to prison sentence," Susan Field, 28 May 2011

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