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3-year-old Michigan child attacked by dog

When people hear about dog bites, they often automatically think of certain breeds. Pit Bulls or Rottweilers may come to mind, for example. However, when dogs are poorly trained or mistreated, or when their owners do not take proper precautions, even very gentle breeds can feel threatened and bite.

For example, last week in Jackson, Michigan, a 3-year-old child suffered severe injuries after being bitten by a golden retriever in the face.

Very few details have been released about the incident, but the child was reportedly taken to a hospital with non-critical injuries.

The 6-year-old dog was going to be euthanized, according to an MLive.com report that cited the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

Golden Retrievers are generally thought of as friendly, good-natured dogs. In fact, many find them to be the quintessential family dog. However, sometimes individual dogs have aggressive personalities for one reason or another. And, children are very often the victims of dog attacks, and this is not limited to certain breeds.

Young children, of course, cannot be expected to know safe boundaries to keep around dogs. It is up to dog owners to ensure that children are safe around their dogs, and that caution is exercised to make sure a dog does not have a chance to feel threatened or uncomfortable near a child.

When someone is bitten by a dog in Michigan, state law places all responsibility on the dog owner. This means the victim can recover compensation for medical expenses and other costs related to the accident.

However, it is best to avoid dog attacks in the first place. The best way to do this is for owners to take seriously their responsibility to provide a safe environment for all who encounter their dog.

Source: mlive.com, "Three-year-old child injured after being bitten in face by golden retriever," Jordan Spence, Sept. 3, 2012

  • Our firm helps victims of animal attacks recover compensation. To learn more, please visit our Michigan Dog Bite Injury page.

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