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Study: still no effective brain injury treatment

The search for brain injury treatments will go on.

U.S. scientists had high hoops that a supplement that has been marketed as a memory booster would help speed up the recovery of patients who suffer brain injuries in car crashes, falls and other accidents in Michigan and throughout the country. The U.S. military had also expressed hope that the supplement would help treat wounded troops who suffer brain injuries, but unfortunately a major study recently found that the treatment offers no benefits.

The supplement is called citicoline and it is currently sold in over-the-counter powders and beverages as a memory booster. Doctors in other countries also currently use it to treat traumatic brain injuries and strokes, despite limited evidence about whether it works.

A very rigorous study that just took place found the supplement, when taken in large doses, did not work at all to treat forgetfulness, attention and concentration problems and the other effects of brain injuries.

The study involved more than 1,200 adult brain injury patients who had suffered blows to the head resulting in a variety of symptoms and often brain bleeding or damage.

Scientists were disappointed that the treatment did not prove to be effective. Unfortunately, the truth is that more than 1 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries each year and there is currently no effective treatment.

One scientist, who was not involved in this study, did state that it is possible that citicoline could be proven effective when administered with other treatments. Of course, further study would be necessary.

Other nutrients that are being studied do still hold some promise, according to a news report, including zinc and fatty acids.

While no cure for brain injuries currently is known, doctors typically say that those who suffer a blow to the head should seek medical attention immediately. It is often possible to recover compensation for medical treatment, lost wages and the other consequences of a brain injury.

Source: The Connecticut Post, "Big disappointment in brain injury treatment study," Lindsey Tanner, Nov. 20, 2012

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