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Deer-car accidents on the rise in Michigan, insurance claims down

Back in October we wrote a blog post about car-deer collisions declining in Michigan. Now that the year is almost over, however, we have learned that the state still ranks in the top five when it comes to deer-car accidents. According to an analysis compiled by State Farm, Michigan drivers faced odds of 1 in 72 when it came to hitting a deer in 2012.

Only three other states have more deer-auto collisions per driver. Interestingly, State Farm's officials noted that while the odds of striking a deer in Michigan actually went up 7.7 percent this year, nationwide auto insurance claims declined steadily this year.

The insurance agency is not yet aware of what is causing the decline in insurance claims. After getting in a collision with a deer, some Michigan drivers may neglect to file an insurance claim because they feel the accident was their fault, since there was no other driver involved. However, most often an insurance company may be obligated to pay injury claims due to no-fault insurance personal injury protection benefits.

Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to minimize and delay claims, which also may discourage people from filing a claim in the first place. In order to ensure your insurance company is not cheating you, after a collision with a deer or anything else, it is generally wise to seek legal counsel to look out for your own interests and rights.

Hopefully, we will see fewer dangerous auto-deer collisions now that the breeding season is over. Most deer-related accidents tend to take place in October and November, during the peak of their breading season. However, now that winter is here in full force, many deer will be out and about in search of food. This may result in them crossing roads more frequently.

To avoid striking deer, it is best to keep alert for deer crossing signs and be aware that deer are most active between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. Deer generally travel in herds, so it is important to remember that if you see one, there are likely others.

Source: CheboyganNews.com, "Michigan still in top 5 deer/vehicle accidents," Mark Spencley, Dec. 26, 2012

  • To learn more about no-fault insurance claims, please visit our Michigan personal injury law firm's Car Insurance Law page.

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