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Boy, 6, suffers dog bite inside pet shop

Parents with young children in Michigan often do well to teach their children not to pet unknown dogs, at least not without asking a dog's owner if the dog is aggressive. Dogs often do not like attention from unfamiliar children, and of course curious children tend to find it hard to resist petting a dog. Ultimately, it is the dog owner's responsibility to keep people safe around his or her animal, but parents can do their part, too, to avoid an incident.

In a recent dog bite case in Florida, a pit bull bit a 6-year-old boy in the face when the boy came forward to pet it. The boy received nine stitches due to the dog bite, and of course pit bull attacks often result in much more serious consequences.

The dog bite took place about two weeks ago inside a PetSmart store. The boy was in the store with his mother and three siblings when his mom began chatting with two customers who brought a pit bull into the store. She and her other children petted the dog first without incident, but when the 6-year-old walked up the dog the dog bit him in the face.

The two owners of the dog immediately fled the store, according to a news report. When a witness tried to stop them in the parking lot, one of the men reportedly pulled out a handgun.

The men have both now been arrested and are facing charges for threatening customers and they may also face charges related to the dog attack itself. It was not reported whether the boy's family will also sue the men for medical expenses and related damages.

Here in Michigan, dog owners are liable when someone is injured by their dog. It is important for dog owners to keep people safe when they come into contact with their dog, taking extra precautions if the dog is aggressive.

Source: Gainesville Times, "Boy recovering from dog bite to face," Sharon Dunten, March 20, 2013

Source: Gainesville Times, "Bond set for men charged in dog bite case," Emma Witman, March 26, 2013

  • To learn more about dog bite law in Michigan, please visit our personal injury law firm's Dangerous Dogs page.

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