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Study says more adults than teens are texting behind the wheel

Many Michigan parents worry when their teenage children get their driver's licenses. This day and age, parents may need to worry more than ever before because of the increasing number of distractions drivers face behind the wheel. Many parents are concerned that their teens might text while driving and cause a car accident. However, a recent study found that some of these parents might do better to critique their own driving habits rather than those of their children.

A survey performed by AT&T recently revealed that when it comes to texting while driving, adults are actually the biggest offenders. Almost 50 percent of adult drivers admitted to AT&T that they text while driving; 43 percent of teenagers admitted to the same dangerous habit. The survey's results are particularly disturbing because while teenage drivers are new to the roads and may be expected to make a few mistakes, adults should certainly know better and appreciate the risks.

Of course, texting behind the wheel is illegal in most states, but it is still a major problem that leads to car accidents everyday in this nation. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every single day nine people are killed because of a distracted driver. Text-related crashes are not tracked separately by the government.

Earlier this month the CDC also released a study on this topic, reporting that 31 percent of U.S. drivers said they text or email while driving.

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, and parents need to explain this to the new drivers in the household, but they need to also ensure that they are practicing what they preach. When a serious car accident is caused by distracted driving, it can be especially tragic because it is possible to avoid distraction--to make a commitment not to text while driving, and to focus seriously on the task at hand.

When people are injured by distracted driving, they may benefit from seeking legal representation to learn what opportunities might be available to compensate them for some of their crash-related losses.

Source: USA Today, "Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens," Larry Copeland, March 28, 2013

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