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Medical care following a low-impact collision is critical

If you are in a low-impact collision, you may see nothing that looks remotely like a severe injury. You check yourself and you seem to be intact. You may feel fine, if a trifle shaken, and more concerned about the cost of repairing the dent in your back bumper than you are about the cost of any medical treatment you might need.

Thinking about medical treatment, however, is a very good idea, and you may want to see a doctor immediately, for more reasons than one.

What low-impact means

You may be sitting at a stoplight and someone who is only traveling at 2.5 miles per hour hits you from behind. The rear-end collision causes your head to snap back and forth. When it is all over, your neck feels a little stiff, but you have no other problems. However, the doctor you visit explains about soft tissue injuries and their symptoms. A few days after the accident, you experience some neck pain and dizziness along with blurry vision. Hyperextension-hyperflexion can occur in a low-impact, rear-end crash when the body absorbs the hit. The jolt from the collision may have caused damage to the soft tissue in your neck.

The effects of soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries can include tears in tendons, ligaments or muscles; herniated disks; and even a traumatic brain injury. Scar tissue will heal over time, but pain may continue because the scarring might irritate nerve endings. Muscle spasms, curvature of the spine and ongoing back or joint pain are among the other long-term effects that could result from a soft tissue injury caused by a rear-end crash.

Legal concerns

Soft tissue injuries are sometimes difficult to prove in a court action because they are virtually invisible, but still, the costs of your injury—including pain and suffering as well as medical expenses—should be compensated. If you did visit the doctor right away, the medical report will be important in showing a causal link between your injuries and the rear-end collision. Your personal injury attorney will use this to help establish your claim.

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