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Older motorcyclists are at risk for head and chest injuries

Did you know that the average age of bikers has increased in the last 20 years? Unfortunately, so has the risk of injury. Older motorcycle riders are three times more likely to suffer injuries in accidents than their younger counterparts.

Senior bikers are subject to fractures and serious structural breaks simply because their bones are more brittle than they once were. However, studies show that head and chest injuries predominate when older riders are in motorcycle crashes.

Fewer wrecks, more injuries

Research shows that from 2001 to 2008, younger motorcycle riders 20 to 39 years of age were in far more crashes than the oldest age group studied, those 60 years of age and older. However, the older riders suffered injuries that were more severe. The medical journal Injury Prevention published these findings, and the conclusion is that the aging process takes its toll. Due to the physiological effects associated with growing older, people experience a decrease in bone strength as well as a reduction of elasticity in the chest wall. Older riders were three times more likely than younger riders to require admission to the hospital with fractures, dislocations, head and chest injuries. They also carry more medical baggage, and pre-existing conditions are also important to take into account, which adds to the complexity of treatment.

Protective measures to take

The published study also found that many seniors are either new to motorcycle riding or their skills are rusty. These people could benefit from motorcycle safety courses for novices or refresher courses for more experienced riders. Given the issue of serious head injuries, all motorcyclists should wear DOT-approved helmets and consider wearing chest protection. It is also wise for older bikers to wear colorful, high-visibility gear so that motorists can see them more easily.

Addressing accident results

Motorcycle riders deserve as much respect as any other driver, but negligent motorists are the cause of many motorcycle accidents, and the resulting injuries could be severe, including broken bones and head and chest issues. A personal injury attorney will explain in detail that under no-fault insurance in the state of Michigan, a motorcyclist may receive compensation following a crash with a car, no matter who was at fault. This is helpful to remember for any senior biker who might suffer an injury in such an accident.


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