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Reduce your chances of injuries caused by medical malpractice

When you need medical care, you go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment to feel better. You may not think about the mistakes they make that can lead to harm. When doctors and health care staff fail in their duties, their patients suffer.  There is even the possibility of death. 

You should not let your concerns about medical malpractice keep you from taking care of your health. Very few doctors are negligent with their duties and no doctor makes mistakes on purpose. But when mistakes do happen, the negligent health care professional is not relieved of liability for damages done to the patient. Here are some things you can do to make their jobs easier and further reduce the chances of you becoming a medical malpractice victim. 

Speak up for yourself 

Do not just rely on your medical team to inform you of your condition and treatment recommendations. Do your own research so you better understand your situation. Educating yourself about your medical needs makes it easier for you to hold your doctors accountable. When you have questions or concerns about your situation, tell your medical care providers so they can do what is necessary to address them. You should also consider having a family member or a close friend to act as your personal advocate so she or he can speak up for you when you forget something or are unable to. 

Document all appointments 

It is important for you to keep track of everything that happens during your medical exams and appointments. Keep copies of your medication labels. You should also include information on your medical conditions and symptoms. That way you can review your notes to ensure you and your doctor do not miss anything during your appointments. You should take your notes with you to every appointment so you can document everything as it happens to prevent mistakes and missing details. If you suspect negligence or medical malpractice, you can use that information to support your claim. 

There is nothing wrong with relying on medical professionals to keep you healthy. Just keep in mind that they are human and mistakes can and do happen. Protect yourself by becoming more proactive in the delivery of your care.

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