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Careful; the big rig in the next lane may be overloaded

Overloaded cargo is one of the major causes of truck accidents. In a truck as massive as an 18-wheeler, a load that is not distributed properly can easily shift, causing a rollover or perhaps a collision with a motorist like you who has the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Injuries in truck-car accidents can be devastating; after all, in size and weight, the big rig has a tremendous advantage over your passenger vehicle.

Improper loading

Trucking companies should train new drivers in correct loading techniques, emphasizing the need for safety. Overloading causes wear and tear on a truck’s component parts and contributes to a high tire-failure rate. A load that shifts can cause a truck to drift back and forth between lanes or take a turn too wide. Braking distances will also increase in an overloaded big rig, and this could be a serious problem for an inexperienced driver; for example, an overweight truck will proceed down a grade faster than the driver may expect. The driver will have to exert more braking force to stop the truck.

Unwise modifications

Some trucking outfits will modify their trucks so they can haul greater payloads. Modifications can include changing the size of the tires, adding heavy-duty brakes, air shocks and anti-sway equipment. The problem is that these “fixes” add considerable weight to the truck’s chassis, which will adversely affect the integrity of the vehicle.

Finding an advocate

As a motorist, it pays to be alert to any kind of odd driving behavior going on around you, especially if an 18-wheeler is making some erratic moves. However, if an accident impacts your life, you can seek compensation for any injuries you sustain. An experienced trial attorney will tell you that both the driver and the trucking company can be held liable. You have rights under the law that legal counsel will bring to bear if an overloaded truck was responsible for your injuries.

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