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Animal Bites Archives

Horses out for a bite

A lot of us have experienced animal bites: Even the gentlest dogs can clip us with their teeth during playtime, and many cats are fond of using their teeth to snatch things out of our hands. Horses bite too, and whether you are a new or more seasoned rider, you could find yourself the victim of a horse bite.

Dog bite injuries can leave lasting emotional scars

For the victims of dog bites and other types of domestic animal attacks, there's more to consider than just the physical effects of the bite or mauling. In many cases, the victims of these attacks - particularly young children - experience psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress (PTSD), anxiety, depression and in some cases, a life-long fear of dogs and other animals.

Who will pay the damages in the wake of a dog bite?

Imagine that you have been attacked and bitten by a dog, causing you some serious injuries that require a lengthy stay at a hospital. Once the shock of the incident has worn off and the recovery is complete, it is perfectly understandable for the victim to think about how he or she will be compensated for the incident. The victim may initially think that they are getting a check from the dog's owner to pay for the damages of the animal attack.

Bullmastiff gets loose, attacks and bites jogger and her dog

Last year as the summer season was winding down, a tragic dog bite case occurred here in Michigan. A man was killed by multiple dogs that were owned by people who were seemingly negligent with their animals. The man was just out for a jog, and the story sent shockwaves throughout that community -- and really all of Michigan -- regarding the dangers of powerful, untrained dogs.

Property owners, landlord can be liable in a dog bite case too

Imagine that you're walking down the road when you go past an apartment complex that has a yard. The fence is fairly shoddy, but it is still there, seemingly keeping in anything that isn't supposed to get in out (or vice versa). Then, all of a sudden, a dog comes wriggling out from underneath the fence and attacks you. You have been bitten and you're in a lot of pain. People on hand help you and get you to emergency medical care as quickly as they can.

Statistics show why pit bulls are a targeted, and feared, breed

When it comes to dog bites and dog attacks, it would be easy to think that the media and the dog safety community are unfairly picking on pit bulls. These dogs are often at the center of dog bite stories in the news, and they have been painted as dangerous dogs that require specific legal attention and new laws to rein them in and get them, and their owners, under control.

The chaos after a dog bite necessitates legal representation

In our last post, we talked about dog bites -- and today we're going to keep that theme going. Imagine that you are in your neighborhood enjoying the day when, all of a sudden, a dog comes wandering up to your yard. You think nothing of it, but the dog quickly growls and the hair on its neck raises up. You become a little worried. Then the dog suddenly lurches forward and it attacks you.

Dog bite case yields $36 million for affected family

Dog bite stories rarely have happy endings, and while you may read about the settlement in the dog bite lawsuit we're about to tell you and think "well that's a happy ending," it's important to remember that the money isn't what it's all about. The story we bring you today isn't from Michigan, but it still highlights a common theme in many dog bite stories.

Dog attacks child, injures 8-year-old's face

An 8-year-old boy was hospitalized recently after a dog bit him on his face. The 8-year-old was at a friend's house, and eh accidentally hit his friend's dog on the nose. This triggered the dog to become aggressive and the animal bit the boy. The extent of his injuries are unknown and it is unclear what will happen to the dog. The animal is older (15 years old) and the police haven't even seen the dog yet.

If a dog attack affects you or a loved one, consider us

When you hear the phrase "dog bite," it's quite possible that you imagine a smaller dog giving someone a little nip on the finger, hand or wrist. This can be painful and you may even sustain a small injury because of it. As minor as this is, it's something that shouldn't be taken lightly. If the skin is broken, the bitten individual needs to clean the affected area and make sure the wound is treated.

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