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Boating Accidents Archives

Carbon monoxide: A silent killer on boats and lakes

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that can poison anyone who breathes in too much of it. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it binds with hemoglobin in your red blood cells, preventing your blood from absorbing sufficient oxygen. All gasoline-powered engines produce carbon monoxide, including boat engines.

Now is the time to check your boat meets safety regs

With the ice gone from most of Michigan, with the exception of areas of the Upper Peninsula, many boaters are planning their return to the lakes. Whether you head out to do some fishing or are looking forward to the warm days of summer, when your boat can offer a way to relax and escape the heat, now is a good time to check your boat and plan for a safe season of boating.

Inexperience and alcohol lead to boating accidents

Motor boats are popular in Michigan, which is not surprising, given the states relationship to Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Those three lakes alone provide Michigan with more coastline than California, and help Michigan rank fourth in the nation with ownership of boats.

Lake St. Clair boat accident leaves two dead

Summertime in Michigan brings the lure of the many area lakes. Taking a boat out on a lake may be a perfect way to cool down when the heat builds. However, everyone should keep in mind that operating a boat is a similar to operating a motor vehicle, and just as restrictions on drinking and driving are applicable to motor vehicles, so too are there restrictions on drinking and boating.

Is rental company to blame for fatal boating accident?

People all across Michigan enjoy getting out on the water during the summer, whether they do so in a boat, on a jet ski or in any other type of watercraft. Even with the big Fourth of July weekend behind us, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to get out and enjoy the water. 

Boaters, beware of 'secondary drowning' symptoms post-accidents

Accidents happen. No matter how diligently you prepare for an adventure out on the water, it is possible every time that you leave the dock that you may experience a boat accident before you return to shore. Just as motorists must educate themselves on how to handle the aftermath of car accidents, boaters must educate themselves on how to handle the aftermath of boat accidents. That way, should an accident occur, you will know what to do and will feel more confident in your ability to respond effectively.

Boating accidents are declining in Michigan

In the summer months, many Michigan residents take to the lakes for boating, swimming, jet-skiing and other water activities. Michigan is a great state for such recreation, however, when people are irresponsible these fun activities can lead to terrible accidents. A report that was recently issued by the U.S. Coast Guard does show that the number of boating accidents in Michigan is actually decreasing.

Erin Brockovich arrested for boating while intoxicated

With summer in full swing, folks all across Michigan are getting their boats on the water. Families and friends are out on the lake fishing, relaxing, waterskiing and generally trying to have a fun time. However, in the blink of an eye, an enjoyable day in the boat can turn tragic if a person is hurt in a Michigan boating accident.

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