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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Motorcycle crashes lead to two deaths in Michigan

With the snow gone, we hope, until next December, many motorcycle riders in Michigan will be taking their bikes out of the garage and getting back on the road. From commuters looking to save a little gas to those who love to feel the wind on their face as the move down scenic drives on the weekend, thousands of motorcycles throughout the state will again be on the streets and highways.

Saving time, money or your life?

Traveling by car used to be an arduous activity. Before the advent of the interstate highway system and modern paved roads, it could take days or weeks to travel by vehicle to some part of the country. And rain could turn road conditions from difficult to impassable, as the roads became a sea of mud.

Yet another slow moving, deadly recall

Last year was a remarkable year for recalls in the automotive industry. It set a new record for total number of recalled vehicles, with more than 60 million vehicles. We also saw the stories involving the General Motors ignition switch defect, which was linked to dozens of deaths over nearly a decade.

Man killed in Ann Arbor Township in rollover crash

Driving a car is always something of a crap-shoot. Only you never know exactly what the odds are. Of course, you can engage in various activities that will lower the odds. Something as dangerous and reckless as drinking and driving greatly increases the chances that you will be involved in a fatal accident.

Winter roads have already claimed a fatality in Michigan

Last week we discussed how the first snow of the season in parts of Southwest Michigan caused a rash of crashes and other weather related accidents. Many of the car and truck accidents were not very severe, involving cars sliding off the road into the ditch, but one crash did result in one of winter's first fatal accidents.

A fatal bike accident leads to "silence" ride

Bicycling has been steadily growing a recreational activity here in Michigan and throughout the country. It also has become a means of commuting to work or school in Ann Arbor. As more bikes are on the road, it is important that drivers of motor vehicles have increased awareness of bicyclists and employ caution when passing riders in bike lanes or on the sides of roads.

Police chase has deadly ending on I-75

Traffic is always unpredictable. You literally never know what to expect when you head out on the road. And when you come across a driver behaving in an unusual manner, it is often hard to tell why. Are they slowing down and weaving out of their lane because they are looking for an address with the help of their GPS, because they are daydreaming or because they are drunk.

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