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What might self-driving semis mean for truck drivers?

Self-driving cars are no longer the stuff of sci-fi novels. Tesla has been fine-tuning the autopilot feature on its newest models. Major automakers worldwide are continuing to explore the technology. And earlier this month, Uber unleashed a fleet of partially autonomous rides in Pittsburgh.

Could slower semitruck speeds mean fewer deaths - or more?

Semitrucks are undoubtedly the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Collisions involving big rigs almost always end in fatalities. When accidents involve highway speeds, the death toll is even greater.

As speed limits rise, will more truck accidents follow?

With more speed comes more danger in a motor vehicle. Speed exacerbates everything when something goes wrong, from the ability of the driver to maintain control of their vehicle to the physical forces at work when two vehicles collide or strike objects like trees and utility poles. A crash that would cause minor injuries at 35 miles per hour could very well be deadly at 70 mph.

Drivers ticketed for massive I-94 crash

The massive pileup on I-94 involving 193 trucks and cars, and killing one truck driver has been blamed on everything from whiteout snow to poor highway design to driver behavior. The Michigan State Police (MSP) has began mailing out tickets to 58 drivers for driving too fast for conditions, including 28 motorists and 30 semi-truck drivers.

Massive crash kills one trucker, shuts down I-94

The danger of driving winter roads in Michigan is again headline news with an unbelievable series of crashes on Interstate 94 west of Ann Arbor. Michigan State Police report that a chain-reaction crash near mile marker 90 has involved as many as 150-vehicles, left numerous injured and one confirmed fatality.

Congress hands motorists a lump of coal for the holidays

Fatigued truck drivers are a risk to everyone. While shepherding an 80,000-pound truck down the road at speeds of 65 to 75 miles per hour, an overly tired truck driver, with depressed reaction times is much more likely to fail to notice that traffic is slowing on the road ahead.

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