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Identifying the signs of nursing home abuse

If your loved one resides in a nursing or care facility, you know what it feels like to entrust your loved one's care to others. You expect the nurses, doctors and staff at the facility to provide quality care and remain attentive to your loved one's needs.

Drunk driving accidents may justify punitive damages award

An innocent and injured victim of a car crash is entitled to collect from all negligent drivers who may have contributed to the cause of the injuries. In Michigan and other jurisdictions, civil liability for damages to injured victims in drunk driving accidents is also determined by whether a driver was negligent or not in causing the accident. It is not the fact of drunkenness that will determine a driver's civil liability for monetary damages to injured victims.

Work accidents are a major cause of brain injuries

It's early in the day and you're just getting into a groove for your work shift. You're walking around the work facility when you see one of your co-workers and you strike up a conversation. While the two of you are talking, another coworker spills some water on the ground a few yards down the hallway. Thinking nothing of it, that coworker moves along.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against day care after child dies

Terrible accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, the worst occurs and someone is killed as a result. Some fatal accidents happen because people or businesses, without intending to, allowed them to happen. This is what we mean when we talk about negligence: conduct that causes harm to others, whether it was on purpose or not.

Report examines the complexity of birth injury development

Sometimes the truth is immediately ascertainable and apparent. However, sometimes the truth is difficult to uncover, difficult to understand or both. For many years, physicians, attorneys and parents have been led to believe that infants tend to suffer trauma to the brain as a result of a birth injury. New evidence suggests that while some infants do indeed suffer brain trauma as a direct result of birth injury, others may be harmed in the womb or even may be predisposed to brain injury due to factors present before they are conceived.

Someday, test may predict genetic risk of brain injury

As everybody knows, a blow to the head can cause a concussion. This is true whether the hit takes place on the sports field or in a car accident. But why do some people seem to recover from concussions with no long-term effects, while others become affected by chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, later in life? Could it be in your genes whether or not you are vulnerable to brain injury?

Traumatic brain injury can trigger chronic pain

There are several common long-term symptoms associated with suffering a head injury, whether in a car accident or other incident. Many of the well-known side effects include cognitive problems, chronic nausea, and mood swings.

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