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Could slower semitruck speeds mean fewer deaths - or more?

Semitrucks are undoubtedly the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Collisions involving big rigs almost always end in fatalities. When accidents involve highway speeds, the death toll is even greater.

Top reasons for car accidents in Michigan

According to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts (MTCF), The number of traffic accidents in the state is on the rise. Any traffic accident can be a traumatic and life-changing event, and during such times it helps to have knowledgeable legal advice to help you get back on your feet.

Potentially fatigued truck driver injures Tracy Morgan

Last week we discussed a deadly accident in Michigan, which killed the truck driver after he swerved to avoid traffic that had slowed, went off the road and crashed into trees. In that case, the driver was either fatigued or distracted when he failed to notice that traffic was slowing down.

Driver dies in fiery truck crash on I-94

The nation depends on trucks. From small towns in isolated rural areas of Michigan, to the urban centers of Detroit, trucks supply virtually everything, from food and clothing to heating fuel oil and boxes from Amazon. And it you stop and observe a busy interstate highway, like I-94 as it crosses Michigan, you can count hundreds of trucks every hour.

Fatigued truck drivers a threat on the highway

The tragic crash of a FedEx tractor-trailer and a chartered bus carrying high school students on a college visit is still under investigation, but the accident has raised questions concerning truck driver safety. The FedEx truck crossed the center median of Interstate 5 and hit the chartered bus head on, killing the truck driver, the bus driver and eight chaperones and students on the bus.

Multi-vehicle crash involves a number of semi-trucks

An accident late last month in a neighboring state of Michigan involved 40 vehicles.  Many of the vehicles were semi-trucks.  Unfortunately, this accident also led to at least three deaths and 20 more injured - one reported to be in critical condition.  One individual with life-threatening injuries was flown to the hospital by a medical helicopter.

Distracted driving blamed for fatal truck accident

An officer was among responders reporting to an accident site.  Unfortunately, the vehicle of the responders was crashed into by a big-rig driver who was said to have been distracted at the time that the accident occurred and this resulted in the officer being killed.

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