Fatal I-94 Crash Focuses On Distracted Driving

Police say they will increase efforts against speeding and distracted driving

Police say they will begin focusing on reducing instances of speeding and distracted driving following a massive pileup last month. According to the Kalamazoo Gazette, the nearly 200-car pileup that killed one person on Interstate 94 was the result of motorists driving too fast for the poor weather conditions. Police say the stretch of I-94 where the accident happened has been a hotspot for speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors. To improve traffic safety, police plan to more strictly enforce current distracted driving laws along the interstate.

Massive pileup

The crash occurred January 9 in eastern Kalamazoo County and involved 193 vehicles. The massive pileup led to the death of a Canadian semi-truck driver and closed down the stretch of highway for two days. Police say the crash was triggered by motorists driving too fast for the poor weather conditions.

Police also say the stretch of I-94 that runs through eastern Kalamazoo has become a hotspot for traffic accidents in recent years. Between the Calhoun County line and Sprinkle Road, the highway saw 275 accidents in 2013, up from 222 the year before.

Focus on distracted driving

According to the Detroit Free Press, the stretch of highway seems to attract a disproportionate share of aggressive drivers. Police say they plan to improve safety on the I-94 and throughout the state by relying more on unmarked police vehicles to catch people who are texting and driving, especially this summer.

However, pulling drivers over on the I-94 can prove difficult given the presence of a median wall on the highway in eastern Kalamazoo. The wall makes it hard to pull over drivers without crowding the highway and endangering the driver, police officer, and general public. With unmarked police vehicles, however, officers plan to videotape distracted drivers and then have a separate police vehicle pull them over along a safer stretch of the highway further along.

Serious vehicle accidents

Accidents that happen along I-94 and other highways in Michigan tend to cause more serious injuries due to many cars travelling at high speeds. Highway accidents differ in many substantial ways from other types of vehicle accidents. Not only do the high speeds cause greater injuries and damages, but important evidence that can be used to help determine fault may quickly disappear as authorities work to reopen the highway.

As such, anybody who has been injured in an accident on a highway or interstate should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can help accident victims in a number of ways, including by filing claims in a timely manner and potentially uncovering evidence that may have been overlooked by police who first responded to the accident, but which could have a significant impact on the amount of compensation due to an injured driver.