Michigan considering higher speed limits?

Many drivers will occasionally travel a little faster than the speed limit that is posted, especially on four-lane highways. These motorists may be running a little behind schedule, or there may not be much traffic on the road. These drivers know that they may be placing themselves at risk, but they are confident that they will be able to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

Michigan is currently considering a proposal that would allow communities in the state to raise speed limits to as high as 85 miles-per-hour on certain major roads. The roads that are most likely to be impacted are those thought to have speed limits considered artificial, or limits simply put into place without actually considering the speeds that drivers could safely travel.

While the proposal has gained support from law enforcement, there are some questions about which roads would be eligible for the new limits, and also concerns that this could increase the number of car accidents in the region. Some communities have studied those traveling to learn more about the habits of motorists on their roadways.

Livingston County examined its drivers on major roads, and discovered that many of the motorists are driving at a speed limit that is close to the limit posted for that roadway. Officials with the county feel that it may not make any changes to the speed limits on any of its major roads.

With more individuals traveling on the roads at a higher rate of speed, this could mean less opportunity to avoid accidents, because all vehicles will be traveling much faster. More study may be needed to determine how these increased limits factor in future crashes. Currently, the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning does not have any information regarding accidents where speeding was the sole reason behind crashes that occur on roadways.

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