Mr. Bredell

Thank you for the opportunity to witness your masterful representation of your clients in the courtroom. As a juror, I was so impressed with your trial skills. You were fearless in battling for your client's legal rights against a big insurance company by going toe-to-toe with some very difficult witnesses. I was amazed at your ability to build your case, piece by piece, and your technique from asking great questions to the sequence and flow of witnesses called. You really captured the hearts of the jury, as well as the logic that governed our verdict. You didn't back down from anyone, and as a result you got your client what he deserved. You got the system to do the right thing by orchestrating justice. Thank you so much!

Will Ellis, Ph.D.
Founder, Common Ground Consulting

John Bredell and his team did an outstanding job representing me. My case was a very difficult case in which I had to trust Bredell & Bredell with my life. They went beyond their scope of practice to accommodate my needs. They helped me in many ways. They were flexible with my time and schedule, with appointments set conveniently for me. They were very well prepared for my case in advance. They actually cared and showed concern. They had all areas of my case covered. I am very pleased and appreciative for the help and loyalty I received from the law firm. I would like to thank everyone again for their determination, efforts, and time dedicated to helping justice be served. John Bredell did such a magnificent job, well done! Thank you all so much.

Bridgett Smith

For twenty two years, Bredell and Bredell have been the attorneys of choice for the families of my patients, who are catastrophically injured, and reside in Lake Forest Health Services residential facilities. Without John and Lynn's advocacy, which forced insurance companies to properly pay benefits, I believe most of these patients would have needlessly suffered for lack of appropriate care, and would have died if consigned to the kind of "warehouses" that insurance carriers thought were "reasonable." In 2008, Bredell and Bredell obtained what is thought to be the largest no fault verdict in the history of the state of Michigan, on behalf of one of Lake Forest long term residents. I would recommend them unequivocally.

Kevin Lynch, Owner
Lake Forest Health Services

In 1995, on my job as a construction worker, I suffered a devastating electrical injury due to job site conditions. I had to retire and was financially ruined. I talked to some attorneys and their attitudes were, "tough luck" .... until I met John and Lynn Bredell. They were thorough, diligent and always believed in me and the case. We were metaphorically David against Goliath. But we won a long hard case, which changed my life. Thanks.

Vic McGovern

John, Thanks for taking on AAA Insurance Company. Without you I really believe they would have gotten away without paying me. Other lawyers refused to take my case when they found out it was against AAA. You took my case, went before a jury, and AAA paid 100% of what they owed.

Henry Dishmon