Bar Owner Liability in Car Accidents

When a bar, restaurant or liquor store provides alcohol to an individual who later causes a drunk driving accident, it may be liable for the injuries related to the accident. At the law office of Bredell & Bredell, we will take a stand in defending your rights, by holding people responsible for the damage they caused by their negligent actions.

Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience and a proven record of success in auto accident and other injury cases. We are committed to achieving our clients' goals, and we offer personal attention throughout each phase of representation, from investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident to presentation to the jury. Contact the attorneys at our Michigan bar owner liability law firm today.

Ann Arbor Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Under Michigan law, situations where bar owner liability (also called dram shop liability) may arise include:

  • The sale or service of alcohol to a minor
  • The sale or service of alcohol to a person who is incapacitated to the point of having a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit to drive

It is crucial that you retain the services of an attorney experienced at handling bar owner liability claims as soon as you have identified the bar, restaurant or liquor store responsible. A claim for bar owner liability must be filed within 90 days of hiring an attorney, so it is important that if you do not yet know the particular bar responsible, you hire a separate attorney to handle the drunk driving accident claim.

It is required to notify the bar that you are bringing this claim so that it may investigate. We will conduct our own thorough investigation, including:

  • Review of the police report
  • Interviewing witnesses, including fellow bar patrons and the drunk driver who caused the accident — because the driver is facing prison time for his or her actions, it is in that person's best interest to assist you in pursuing other avenues of liability

A key factor in successfully demonstrating bar owner liability is proving that the person served by the bar or restaurant was visibly intoxicated. BAC and time of service is no longer sufficient.

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