Bicycle Accident Injury Claim Attorneys

As a bicyclist, you are at risk from careless and inattentive drivers. Many times motorists fail to pay attention to other vehicles on the road. Given that bicyclists lack the protection that an automobile provides, the injuries they may suffer tend to be serious and life-threatening.

At Bredell & Bredell, our bicycle accident lawyers will aggressively seek the medical care and financial compensation you need to recover from your injury. We work hard to examine the cause of the accident, whether the driver failed to yield or it was a hit-and-run. We use a network of investigators and experts to build a case against the negligent driver and to fully detail the extent of your injuries and life-time cost of your medical care. Contact a lawyer at Bredell & Bredell at our offices in Ypsilanti, Michigan, if you are injured in a bike accident.

Risk of Bike Accidents

One of the first things people learn when getting their driver's licenses is the necessity to yield to bicyclists. Often, drivers seem to have forgotten this simple lesson. Instead of sharing the road, drivers view bike riders and pedestrians as obstacles in their way. Unfortunately, in a pedestrian and bicycle accident, you bear the brunt of the accident.

Insurance Benefits

If you are involved in a bicycle accident with a car or truck, you are entitled to no-fault benefits. This is true even if you do not personally have a policy of no-fault insurance. The appropriate insurance company as determined by law must compensate you for your economic expenses, regardless of who was at fault. We will also file a third-party claim against the negligent driver to recover noneconomic losses and excess wage loss.

You have rights and options. Contact Bredell & Bredell online today or call our attorneys at 866-586-8164 to schedule your free initial consultation. We represent people located throughout the state of Michigan.