Attorneys For Injured College Students

A serious car accident is always a traumatic event, even more so when you are far from home. You can turn to the local attorneys of Bredell & Bredell to protect your rights and pursue your monetary compensation.

Our Ypsilanti personal injury lawyers have represented many college students injured in motor vehicle accidents in Michigan, including residents of other states and foreign countries. Call our office for a free consultation. We will help with everything from your no-fault and property damage claims to dealing with insurance company adjusters.

Parents: If you are seeking an attorney on behalf of your son or daughter at college, be assured that we will take them under our wing. We know this may be their first accident or perhaps their first encounter with an attorney or the legal system. Please don't hesitate to call us. We are accessible to answer questions and address any issues that arise.

Injured At College Or While Traveling Through Michigan?

We regularly represent students of Eastern Michigan University, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and other area colleges, including pedestrians and bicyclists hit by cars. Whether your accident happened on campus, in town or on the highway, we have the experience and resources to protect your interests.

Insurance companies may blame the "inexperienced" or "careless" college student when in fact the other driver was at fault. We conduct a thorough investigation to reveal what really happened and fight any attempt to deny or reduce your compensation. You are entitled to fair damages for past and future medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and any lasting disability or disfigurement from the accident.

Trusted Local Attorneys

There is no cost or obligation to speak with our experienced trial lawyers. We do not collect attorney fees unless we obtain a settlement. Call our Ypsilanti office at 734-482-5000 or toll free at 866-586-8164, or fill out our contact form, and we will respond soon.