Injured While Getting In Or Out Of A Car

If you have been injured getting into or out of your vehicle, you may have more options than you think. Michigan no-fault insurance law requires insurance companies to cover certain qualified expenses for people who carry no-fault insurance policies with the appropriate coverage. What does this mean? It means that, in many cases, your own insurance company may cover your expenses after an injury — even if another party is at fault or if nobody in particular is to blame.

At Bredell & Bredell, we represent people throughout Michigan, helping them obtain insurance benefits under no-fault insurance. Many of the claims we have handled involved serious personal injuries that occurred when people were getting into or out of vehicles.

Were You Entering or Exiting Your Car?

Many of our clients did not realize that their own insurance coverage offered full no-fault benefits until they spoke with lawyers at our Michigan, law offices. We were able to talk with our clients and help them obtain the compensation they deserved.

Michigan no-fault law is expansive and fact-specific. The outcomes of cases often depend on the injured person's physical contact with the vehicle. Depending on the facts, many circumstances are actually covered by no-fault insurance:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries: If you slip and fall or trip and fall while entering or exiting a vehicle, your injuries may be covered under Michigan no-fault insurance laws.
  • Injuries to babies and children: These may include children who are injured by school buses or after being dropped off by school buses. They may also include parents, baby sitters and other caretakers who accidentally injure children while putting them into or taking them out of safety seats in vehicles. It is common for children's hands to be accidentally shut in car doors or for parents to accidentally hit a baby's head on the side of a vehicle.
  • Cases involving unusual vehicles or circumstances: Many other circumstances may be covered by insurance companies. These often include injuries caused by augurs, fuel trucks, steel haulers, snowplows and other work vehicles. If you have questions about insurance coverage after an accident, it is best to talk with an attorney at Bredell & Bredell.

No-fault insurance provides you with compensation for your medical bills and lost wages following a serious car accident, without the need to sue the responsible driver. Since 1984, our firm has represented people effectively in no-fault insurance disputes.

Insurance companies have an obligation to provide insurance coverage for your expenses following an accident. Even if you do not have a no-fault insurance policy because you do not own a car, you are still entitled to full no-fault benefits if you are in an accident involving a motor vehicle.

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