Family-Provided Attendant Care

When a loved one is catastrophically injured, a family changes forever. Things are different psychologically, emotionally and financially. Often, the injury victim's parent, spouse or sibling must make major life changes to provide needed medical care. It is not unusual for significant others to quit their jobs to stay home and provide 24-hour care.

If you can't work because you're taking care of someone, you should know that the law offers financial support. Michigan no-fault insurance law allows for reimbursement of all reasonable expenses related to a person's recovery from an accident.

What does this mean? As long as an expense is reasonably necessary for an injured person's care, recovery or rehabilitation, reasonable in amount and actually incurred, it will generally be covered by no-fault insurance. Depending on your situation, 24-hour family-provided attendant care may be considered part of reasonable medical expenses.

At the Michigan law offices of Bredell & Bredell, we can counsel you on the law regarding family-provided attendant care, helping you understand requirements imposed by the law and how they may affect you:

  • Home care has to be provided for the injured person as a result of the injury: Home care cannot simply be a substitute for a service that the person used to perform but no longer can, like cooking, cleaning house or gardening.
  • A care provider must recommend the need for medical aid care: Normally, insurers require a doctor's prescription before paying any attendant care claims. For victims of catastrophic injuries, the question is often not whether care will be covered, but at what level.

To help you get the results you need and deserve under Michigan no-fault insurance laws, we often partner with our client's medical providers. We make sure that providers understand how your legal options affect your medical ones. Often, doctors can partner with clients to help them take effective legal action and get the support they need after a catastrophic injury.

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