Ann Arbor Survivors Benefits Attorneys

The loss of a loved one is likely the most devastating event a person will ever experience. It can feel as if the world will never be the same — especially if the loss was caused by a motor vehicle accident.

At the Michigan law offices of Bredell & Bredell, we represent the surviving family members of people killed in motor vehicle accidents throughout Michigan. Our clients are people who lost loved ones in accidents caused by cars, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Many survivors are eligible to recover a type of no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) benefits called survivors loss benefits, which are payable to the dependents of people who die in motor vehicle accidents. The personal protection insurance benefits help compensate surviving family members for their loss as well as for other things the deceased would have provided the family.

While nothing can ever replace the loss of a loved one, no-fault insurance benefits can often help a family move forward by covering the costs of necessary care and support. For many families, this support is absolutely necessary during a time when simple, day-to-day tasks seem overwhelming and the future seems uncertain.

The attorneys at Bredell & Bredell understand the challenges you face. We provide compassionate, effective legal representation that protects your interests and gets you the results you deserve.

Funeral Expenses

Michigan no-fault insurance law also provides for the payment of funeral and burial expenses. The amount covered depends on the type of no-fault insurance coverage you purchased, so check your policy for details. If you have trouble understanding your policy or are engaged in a no-fault insurance dispute, the lawyers at Bredell & Bredell can help answer your questions.

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