If Your Insurance Company Isn't Paying Your Claim

You may have realized by now that insurance companies aren't on your side. In fact, they are acting with one goal in mind: paying you as little as possible after an accident. They are not "good neighbors" you are not in "good hands" and they don't like "to do the right thing." They like to make money and keep the money that they collect from your premiums. Your agent does not have any say whether your claims are paid or how you are treated.

In Michigan, like elsewhere in the United States, insurance companies use well polished tactics to keep from paying claims. Claims adjusters dispute claims and create unnecessary delays, often putting innocent people "under investigation" or sending you to an insurance company doctor to avoid having to pay no-fault insurance personal injury protection (PIP) benefits.

If your insurance company doesn't pay your injury claim, talking to an experienced lawyer is your best option. Since 1984, the lawyers at Bredell & Bredell have represented people throughout Michigan in personal injury and no-fault insurance disputes. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to protect your interests when insurance companies refuse to pay.

What Your Insurance Company Should Pay Under the Law

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, the law is on your side. Michigan law provides for medical benefits in the event of a personal injury or death from a motor vehicle accident. The law is liberally worded and provides coverage for all reasonable expenses related to a person's recovery from an accident. As long as an expense is reasonably necessary for an injured person's care, recovery or rehabilitation, reasonable in amount and actually incurred, it will be allowed.

What is a reasonable expense? Many cases have litigated this question. Michigan case law has determined that many expenses are allowable, depending on the facts of the cases involved:

If your insurance company has denied these benefits, is delaying your claim or has placed you "under investigation" with no explanation, you need a lawyer. Contact the attorneys at Bredell & Bredell. We are experienced advocates who know the law on no-fault insurance disputes. We use our legal knowledge, skill and resources to protect your interests and get you the compensation you deserve.

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