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In labor and delivery, some of the most serious injuries are suffered because of a doctor's inaction. Failing to recognize warning signs and acting in the best interests of mother and baby can lead to complications, unnecessary stress and may ultimately cause harm for both. When doctors fail to act, delay or refuse to perform a cesarean section (c-section), it can be the mother and child who pay a lifelong physical cost.

At the Michigan, law office of Bredell & Bredell, our attorneys have been working on the side of injured mothers and children since 1984. We provide firm and clear guidance for families in birth injury cases, based on decades of experience and a proven record of success.

If you or your child has suffered unnecessarily because of a doctor who delayed or refused to order a c-section, we can help you recover compensation and hold the right people accountable.

Delayed C-Section and Malpractice Lawyers

The results of a delayed c-section and the injuries that can be associated with that decision can be devastating for a family. Like many birth injuries, these results may not even be immediately apparent, and only reveal themselves as an infant misses physical and cognitive milestones.

As soon as you suspect that a doctor's inaction, inattention or negligence has caused you or your family harm, you should consult with an attorney to protect your rights. Our firm is equipped with the knowledge, experience and resources to take on malpractice and delayed c-section cases involving:

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