Ann Arbor Emergency Room Error Attorneys

We rely upon hospital emergency rooms to save lives. Emergency rooms (ERs) and trauma centers treat some of the most critically ill patients. In most cases, emergency room doctors provide competent and life-saving care to the patients they treat.

However, when emergency rooms fail to act quickly enough, patients' conditions can quickly deteriorate. When doctors or hospitals fail to follow proper procedures or provide inadequate care in emergency rooms, patients can be seriously and permanent injured. Some patients even die because of mistakes made by overworked health care providers in understaffed emergency rooms.

If you were harmed because of negligent care in an emergency room, or a loved one died because of emergency room malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

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People who are seriously injured in car accidents and truck accidents, people who have been injured at work , and people who become ill at home all seek treatment at emergency rooms.

Emergency rooms should be equipped to quickly assess a patient's condition, correctly diagnose illness or injury, and provide prompt treatment. A delay in diagnosis, misdiagnosis, failure to provide needed treatment, or mistakes in treating a serious injury or illness can be devastating to an emergency room patient.

Contact Bredell & Bredell , to discuss your malpractice claims related to emergency room errors, including:

  • Mistakes in assessing a patient's condition in triage (for example, misdiagnosis of a headache as a migraine instead of an aneurysm)
  • Unreasonable delays in evaluation or patients
  • Unreasonable delays in treatment
  • Failure to diagnose injury or disease, such as missing the signs of a stroke, heart attack, or peritonitis
  • Failure to order appropriate medical tests
  • Laboratory mistakes or radiology errors
  • Prescription errors, such as giving the wrong drug or the wrong dose of medication
  • Improperly discharging or transferring a patient
  • Surgical errors

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