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Bedsores are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when blood flow is cut off to that area of the body. Without adequate blood flow, the tissue dies. This usually happens on areas of the body where most pressure is placed — such as elbows, hips, buttocks or heels — because these pressure points rest against hospital beds and wheelchairs.

With proper care, however, most bedsores are avoidable. To keep sores from forming, nursing home staff must regularly readjust the position of residents in their beds and chairs to help encourage circulation.

Sadly, this is not always done. Nursing homes cut corners and ignore residents' needs. Their neglect can lead to the formation of bedsores (also called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers). These serious injuries can lead to sepsis, infection and death.

If a loved one has experienced bedsores and related injuries or death in a nursing home, turn to the attorneys at Bredell & Bredell. Our experienced legal team represents victims of nursing home neglect and abuse in Michigan courts.

Taking Action When Nursing Homes Fail To

Based out of our office the lawyers at Bredell & Bredell strive to offer our Michigan clients quality service and effective legal counsel. We begin by preparing thoroughly for trial in elder abuse cases.

We investigate the specific ways in which health care workers were negligent in providing nursing home care. Often, we find long lists of areas in which nursing homes came up short. We find that facilities were chronically understaffed and that their workers had too many patients to be able to provide quality care for each one.

Staff members in these situations fail to take the time to adequately move residents. Overworked and underpaid, they allow residents to lie in bed or sit in wheelchairs unattended for hours — causing these serious sores to develop.

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