Michigan Closed Head Injury Attorneys

A closed head brain injury can be dramatic, disabling and life changing. It can also manifest in subtle and unpredictable ways. In some cases, it can be clearly apparent on an MRI, and in others, it can have virtually no physical evidence. One doctor might say without question that a person is suffering from a brain injury, while the next might say with equal certainty that the person is completely healthy.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious blow to the head or other brain injury trauma, then an experienced personal injury attorney can help you protect your right to compensation. At the law office of Bredell & Bredell, we put decades of experience and a proven record of success behind Michigan's serious injury victims.

Fighting for the Compensation and Resources You Need

Insurance companies will often put extensive legal and professional resources behind discrediting and denying traumatic brain injury cases, because the need for compensation by the injured can be so great.

Our firm has meaningful and proven experience taking on these claims. We work with a wide range of closed head injury cases, and we can help you recover compensation if you have suffered due to any of the following:

Even if it is clear to you and your family that there has been real damage and even disability, sometimes proving that to a doctor or insurance company can be a challenge. It may be possible to show a brain hemorrhage or subdural hematoma on an MRI, but not all cases involve strong physical evidence, and even those that do often require strong representation to get the right compensation for past, present and future costs.

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We focus on providing effective and personalized service for our clients. We know that you are relying on your lawyer to get the resources and compensation that you and your family need, which is why we make your case our priority.

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