Michigan Brain Injury Treatment Lawyer

At the law office of Bredell & Bredell, we are committed to helping our clients who have suffered serious, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in Michigan. With more than 25 years of experience handling these types of cases, we have the resources and skill to help you secure the treatment and compensation you need after an accident.

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Current TBI Treatment Options

The level of treatment you or your loved one will need will depend on the severity of the brain injury. With a mild brain injury, over-the-counter pain medication may be all you need and the doctor may want you to keep a close eye on your symptoms to ensure that the situation isn't getting worse.

For moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries, there are a variety of treatments your doctor may recommend. This includes:

  • Surgery: When pressure builds in the skull, the skull is fractured or if there is a blood clot, surgery may be necessary to aid recovery.
  • Medication: Depending on the symptoms, there may be a medication available to keep the injury from getting worse or to aid in the recovery. In extreme situations, anti-seizure medication or coma-inducing medication may be used.
  • Physical rehabilitation: If the traumatic brain injury has impacted motor function, physical rehabilitation may help improve mobility.
  • Psychiatric care: Brain injuries can be unpredictable and have an effect on an individual's moods, feelings and personality. Therapy can help an individual develop the mental tools he or she needs to move forward after a TBI.
  • Speech therapy: In some cases, a brain injury can affect a person's ability to speak, including slurred speech and an inability to form sentences. Through speech therapy, that individual can learn tactics to improve speech.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: A serious brain injury can be life-altering. When a brain injury is so severe that it keeps an individual from returning to his or her line of work, vocational rehabilitation can help that individual develop skills in a new field.

Get Up-to-Date Information Regarding Your Treatment Options

Many treatment options for TBI center around stopping further injury and treating existing symptoms. Experts and medical professionals are continually working for new treatments and recovery options for victims of TBI, however.

Our lawyers can help you review the current options that are available and assist you in finding the quality care you need. We cover costs upfront so that you can focus on your recovery. We only receive attorneys' fees if we secure compensation for you.

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