Michigan Temporal Lobe Injury Attorneys

The temporal lobes of the brain are usually associated with a person's ability to interpret sensory data, from being able to recognize the smell of a rose to being able to tell one person's face from another. And, like other areas of the brain, a temporal lobe injury can have unexpected and devastating effects.

At the law office of Bredell & Bredell, our attorneys handle a wide range of complex personal injury cases and offer effective and proven representation for those who have suffered any form of brain damage as a result of someone else's negligence. Whether you have been injured in a car accident, on-the-job or in a slip-and-fall accident, we help you recover the compensation you and your family need.

Decades of Proven Experience

Serving Michigan clients since 1984, our lawyers have been recognized for the quality of their client service and their proven record of judgments and verdicts by peers and independent organizations. We have the experience, resources and ability to take on a wide range of brain injury cases.

Contact our office if you or a loved one suffer from a temporal lobe injury or has been involved in an accident and is showing symptoms such as:

  • Sensory impairment or damage
  • Personality change
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Long-term memory loss
  • Prosopagnosia or trouble distinguishing faces
  • Wernicke's aphasia or trouble understanding words

We understand the struggle that the injured and their family face, and we know how vital it is to have compensation to pay for lost wages and long-term medical care. We also know that insurance companies will fight claims of brain injury.

Let us put more than 25 years of dependable experience behind your case.

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Temporal lobe injuries can be difficult to diagnose, and you may get two different answers from two different doctors. When you know that you or your loved one has suffered because of someone else's wrongdoing, it is time to get a legal representative whose only job is to fight for you.

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