Michigan Day Care Injury Attorneys

Kids get scrapes, bruises and even more severe but manageable injuries every day, and generally the best solution is a trip to the doctor. Even if an accident happens at a day care or child care facility, most of the time the best thing a parent can do is simply move their kid to a new place if they feel that there may be safety concerns. Occasionally, however, the act or neglect demonstrated by a day care is so irresponsible and causes such serious harm that the best solution is to get the law involved.

At the office of Bredell & Bredell in Jackson and Ypsilanti, our experience trial lawyers represent Michigan parents and guardians whose child has suffered serious injury or a wrongful death associated with day care negligence. When someone else's actions cause serious harm and are unforgivably irresponsible, we help make sure the right people are held accountable.

An Experience Michigan Day Care Injury Lawyer

Our skilled attorneys have built a career helping people facing some of the most difficult and painful experiences imaginable. Since 1984 we have established a successful record of verdicts and settlements for those clients. We know that when you have trusted a child to a day care and that child suffers as a result of negligence, neglect or abuse, you need someone on your side that will help you fight for results.

We take on cases of day care injury involving:

Accidents can happen even under the best care conditions, but child care workers who allow tragedy to strike either due to serious neglect or unforgivable abuse should be held accountable for their actions. Working with you every step of the way, we work to make sure that the right people are held responsible for the pain you and your family have suffered.

In addition to the other dangers on playgrounds and at day care facilities, defective playground equipment can result in serious injuries to children. Companies who are responsible for these defective products deserve to be held accountable for any injuries that are caused by those defects. Talk with our firm and make sure that your rights and your children are protected.

Ann Arbor Playground Accident Attorney

If your child has been seriously injured at a day care facility or on a supervised playground, you have the right to put the legal system to work for you. As your family deals with the emotional and physical consequences of day care negligence, we work to make sure you aren't burdened with the financial costs as well.

Contact our personal injury attorneys today to schedule a free consultation and case review. Our contingency fee arrangements mean you pay us nothing until we collect a verdict or settlement in your favor.