Legal Issues In Claims On Behalf Of Children

When a child is injured in an accident, there are unique considerations in pursuing his or her compensation. Sometimes, bringing a claim against the parent is the only avenue to recovery. Sometimes, children need an independent advocate to ensure that their best interests are served.

The Ypsilanti law firm of Bredell & Bredell has long experience representing child victims of personal injury accidents. Our attorneys work vigorously to ensure that our young clients get the medical care and services they need to make a full recovery.

Considerations When A Child Is Injured

Accomplished trial lawyers John Bredell and Lynn Bredell anticipate other key issues injuries to infants, toddlers, children and teenagers:

  • A young child cannot claim lost wages, but we can make a case for loss of projected earnings if a permanent injury will limit or prevent the child's future ability to earn a living.
  • Children may be more traumatized by auto collisions, dog bites and other accidents. We pursue appropriate damages for emotional distress and the costs of counseling.
  • Children do not always "bounce back" from injuries. Injuries to bones or growth plates can hamper physical development, and disfiguring injuries take a heavy toll on social and psychological development. Access to quality care is a critical component of any settlement.
  • We commonly arrange for structured settlements or special accounts to ensure that money intended for future needs is used only for the child's benefit.

Considerations When Parents Are Liable For An Accident

Statistically speaking, children are most likely to be injured as a passenger of their parents or family members. Some parents can't get past the stigma of being "sued" by their child or accused of negligence. Unfortunately, this may be the only responsible option for securing needed compensation through the family's auto insurance or homeowners policy. It may help to view it as essentially an insurance claim rather than filing a lawsuit against one's parent or relative. Compensation will be negotiated, not decided in a jury trial.

We Are Committed To Your Son Or Daughter's Well-Being

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