Bitten By A Dog On The Job?

For delivery drivers, utility workers and other employees who make house calls, dogs are a job hazard. If you were bitten while on duty, you may have claims through your employer as well as a claim against the dog owner.

At Bredell & Bredell, we know that dog bites can be physically disabling and traumatizing, especially for workers who will continue to encounter dogs on a regular basis. We hold employers and pet owners accountable for full damages on behalf of clients in Ypsilanti and throughout Michigan.

Pursuing All Your Claims For On-Duty Dog Bites

You are entitled by law to compensation if you suffered injury when you were bitten, knocked down or chased by a dog in a work-related capacity.

  • First, you have a workers' compensation claim for your medical care and lost wages, and possibly for permanent disability or disfigurement. You only have to prove that you were operating in a work-related capacity when the dog attacked.
  • Second, pet owners are subject to strict liability for dog bites, regardless of where the attack occurred. If you had a business reason to be on the owner's property, it does not matter if the dog was chained or never bit anyone before. You can seek damages for your pain and suffering or emotional distress in addition to your economic losses and medical coverage.

We Can Protect Your Rights And Maximize Your Recovery

Despite these "automatic" coverages, you should talk to an attorney before trying to settle your own personal injury or workers' comp claim. Our lawyers are familiar with the nuances of Michigan dog bite law and remedies for work injuries, and we can intervene if the employer, homeowner or insurance carrier resist their obligations.

Call 734-482-5000 or reach us toll free at 866-586-8164 to set up a free consultation. You can also contact us online. We take cases on contingency, meaning that you own no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.