Injured Due To Hazards On Someone Else's Property?

Property owners have certain responsibilities toward people they invite onto their property. They have the responsibility to warn guests of dangers on the property that they know or should know about. They have the responsibility to fix potentially harmful property defects before those defects cause personal injury.

Unfortunately, owners do not always live up to their safety obligations.

Countless people are hurt on others' property each year. The injuries they experience are often serious, including broken bones, sprains, strains, back injuries, paralysis, head injuries, internal bleeding or even resulting in fatality.

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Our clients have sustained injuries on another's property in many diverse situations:

Property defects aren't always easy to spot. Railings that appear perfectly stable are sometimes made of rotten wood. Black ice is sometimes hidden under snow. And steps that appear solid are sometimes uneven and rickety. It is these hidden defects that often cause the most harm.

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