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In Michigan, a landlord has both a legal and statutory duty to maintain the premises so that they are in a reasonably safe condition for both tenants and other individuals who are lawfully on the premises. If this duty is breached, then the landlord and owner of the property can be held liable for any injuries caused by this failure.

In addition, the statutory protection creates a very important distinction between a typical slip-and-fall injury case and those that occur on the premises of an apartment. In general, Michigan premises liability claims fall under what is known as the "open and obvious doctrine." What this means is that if you could see the defect, but are still injured by the defect, you take on responsibility for your own injuries. However, this common law does not apply in landlord-tenant injury cases, thereby giving more room for injured tenants to file a premises liability claim.

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At Bredell & Bredell, we provide quality and effective personal injury representation to clients throughout Michigan. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury related to an accident that occurred on an apartment building complex (including common areas), it is important that you seek representation from a lawyer who understands the specific laws that apply to these situations. Landlord-tenant premises liability claims have different legal issues from the typical slip-and-fall accident. Our attorneys will work diligently to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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Statutory Protection for Injured Michigan Tenants

Under MCL Section 554.139, the law provides specific statutory protection for injured tenants. It requires the landlord to make sure that:

  • The property and common areas are fit for use as the parties intended.
  • The property complies with applicable health and safety laws.
  • The property is reasonably maintained during the course of the lease.

What may not have had merit in the parking lot of a mall or office building may have merit on the premises of an apartment complex because of this specific Michigan statute. Find out more about whether your apartment building injury case has merit and how our law firm can help you recover for damages suffered. We highly recommend that you take photos of the accident site and document your injuries. The more evidence is preserved the more it strengthens your potential case.

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