Michigan Knee Injury Attorneys

For people whose daily work routine involves hours spent on their feet, a knee injury can be a devastating event. Even truck drivers, who must rely on precise leg control over long, arduous hours behind the wheel can be significantly impacted by problems with their knees. Whether your job has to do with lifting boxes, moving freight or painting walls, if you have suffered an on-the-job accident resulting in a knee injury, you should talk to a lawyer to make sure you get the compensation you are owed.

At the Michigan law offices of Bredell & Bredell in Jackson and Ypsilanti, our trial lawyers know how challenging an injury that leaves you unable to do your job can be. We work to make sure that you have access to both the workers' compensation benefits you are owed, and that if there are other people or companies responsible for your injury, they are held financially responsible as well.

Michigan Knee Injury Lawyer

A lot of people assume that if they are hurt on the job, their only option is to seek workers' compensation benefits. The reality is that if someone besides your employer holds any responsibility for your injury, they may be held financially responsible as well, meaning that through a civil personal injury claim you can add to the full range of compensation you are owed.

Making sure we identify all parties responsible for your accident is priority one for our attorneys, and then we pursue a full range of compensation options. Rely on our highly experienced workers' compensation and person injury lawyers for your representation in cases involving:

  • Knee fractures
  • Joint damage
  • Torn ACL or MCL
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Repetitive stress injuries

Michigan's laws limit the liability that an employer faces against worker injury claims, and so it is very important to act quickly following an on-the-job accident to explore all options for your recovery. At Bredell & Bredell we understand that you rely on this money to compensate for medical costs, rehabilitation, long-term care, lost wages and diminished earning capacity. Put our highly experienced team in your corner to fight for the results you are owed.

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