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February 2012 Archives

Are some drivers more prone to cause crashes?

There are times when a person is involved in a car accident through no fault of their own. Generally this is because some other driver has acted carelessly or was driving negligently. It is difficult if not impossible to avoid every accident that may be caused by someone else's negligence. It would be useful though to be able to identify those drivers that are more likely to cause serious car accidents.

Lansing teen killed in crash returning from choir performance

The teenager from Lansing who lost his life in a car accident near Grand Rapids was reported to have been on his way home from a church choir performance when he was killed in a car accident. The teenager was riding as a passenger in large van with his family and other members of the church choir on interstate 96 on Sunday when the van was involved in the crash.

Bloomfield Township construction worker injured on the job

One construction worker in Michigan recently experienced firsthand, the risks involved with working on top of a roof. But instead of falling off the roof, which is an all too common occurrence, this man fell through it.

Michigan women escapes head-on crash alive

A violent car accident could have easily resulted in fatal injuries, fortunately instead caused only non-life-threatening injuries for one Michigan woman. A driver's lapse in concentration on the road resulted in this head-on collision, which occurred in Butler Township, Michigan.

65 car crash and 129 other accidents in Saginaw

Several car accidents occurring on I-75, in an area south of Bay City in Saginaw County, Michigan, closed the road for a time on the evening of Feb. 10 following a snowstorm which blanketed the region. 911 dispatchers received reports of approximately 129 other car accidents in the county, but fortunately, there appeared to be no serious injuries. Five minor injuries were reported and firefighters had to struggle to get one driver out of his SUV, where he was pinned after an accident.

Woman dies in crash with school bus

A 58-year-old female motorist lost her life in a fatal accident recently when the van she was driving collided with a school bus in Springfield Township, Michigan. The crash occurred at approximately 7:33 a.m. The woman died at the scene of the accident. While there were 26 Waterford Kettering High School students on the bus, none of them suffered more than minor bruises and bumps.

Two drivers killed in a head-on collision

Lives can change in an instant. When a family loses a loved one in a fatal car accident their lives will never be the same. Unlike illness or old age, car accidents are sudden an unexpected. There is no period of preparation, no final chance to say your last good-byes. The families of the two men that were killed in a Michigan car accident this week, remind us all to cherish every day we have together.

Fatal accident raises questions about stoplight

There are important safety devices in each of our cars that help keep us safe and either avoid accidents or survive them without serious injuries. Seat belts, airbags, and even windshield washer fluid all help to keep us safe. There are also a number of external mechanism that, when operating properly help us avoid accidents, the rumble strips in the middle of Michigan highways, for example, help alert drivers if they are not properly placed in their lane.

Worker falls 50 feet in construction accident

A workplace accident at Lincoln High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan resulted in the hospitalization of a construction worker after he suffered an approximately 50 foot fall on the morning of January 31. The accident occurred at approximately 11 a.m. as two employees were engaged in doing work on a steel truss at the school while riding in a boom lift. The men were employed by Clark Construction, which is in the process of creating an addition to the school, including a new auditorium.

Dog bite results in injuries and broken nose

In Michigan the owner of a dog or other animal is responsible for any harm or injury caused by that animal. It is the dog owner's responsibility to ensure that the dog is properly restrained, and does not pose a danger to others. Dog, particularly larger and stronger breeds, can cause serious or even fatal injuries if they are not handled properly.

No contest plea in drunk driving accident

The criminal conviction of a drunk driver after an accident causing serious injuries may provide the victim with some sense of justice in that the person will be facing criminal consequences for the drunk driving accident that they caused. But that justice does not justice does not extend to compensating the victim of the crash. Drunk driving accidents often result in severe injuries requiring extensive and often painful rehabilitation, as well as time away from work.

Epidemic of distracted driving

We have shared numerous stories about the danger of distracted driving. In the last decade in Michigan, 9,000 accidents involved distracted driving due to the use of a cellular phone. In addition, another 34,000 accidents were attributed to other sources of distraction. The MLive news source has collected these statistics as part of an ongoing series about the dangers of distracted driving.

Woman killed in drunk driving accident

A woman died as a result of a head injury she sustained in a fatal drunk driving accident. A man and two women were at a racetrack barn with horses in the early morning hours of April 11, 2011. According to sources, the man and both women had been drinking. The two women decided to go for a horseback ride. About a half-hour after the women left, the man decided to check up on them.

Injured passenger left behind after accident

Drinking and driving do not mix, even when the drunk driver's vehicle is the one to sustain the brunt of the damage. We often talk in this space about drunk drivers crashing into other cars and causing injuries, but the occupants of other vehicles are not the only ones at risk. Even when an impaired driver crashes into a stationary object, innocent passengers in the vehicle could still get hurt.

Criminal sentence in fatal crash disappoints family

The criminal court system is designed to impose penalties when people break the law. This serves several purposes. It acts as a deterrent so that people who might otherwise consider breaking the law will decide not to because they are afraid of being caught and punished. Ideally, it can be rehabilitative so that inmates can be taught how to avoid criminal behavior in the future. It also serves the simple purpose of removing, at least temporarily, dangerous persons from the general public in order to keep the public safe.

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