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April 2012 Archives

Preventing communication errors through trained interpreters

In the last blog post, we discussed communication errors that can lead to medical malpractice. One cause of communication errors is language barriers. If patients are unable to communicate their symptoms or health histories to their doctors, there is certainly an increased risk of error.

New report says workplace deaths decreased last year

Every person in Michigan has a right to a safe workplace, free from unreasonable risk of serious work related injuries or fatalities. In order to help ensure a safe workplace various agencies and organizations, including Michigan State University track the numbers of workplace injuries and deaths in Michigan. Each year the university publishes The Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation. This year it showed that the number of fatal workplace accidents declined slightly in 2011 compared to 2010. There were 145 worker fatalities in 2010 and 141 in 2011.

Hit and run kills bicycle rider

A 21-year-old was struck by a hit and run driver in a fatal accident while riding his bicycle. The bicycle rider was airlifted to Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after the 9:15 p.m. accident. The state police said that the driver of a white pickup truck hit the bicycle rider as he was heading westbound, then left the scene of the accident.

Son's football injury enlightens mom to danger of concussions

A football mom didn't know about concussions when her football-player son suffered one in high school football. After the incident her son sustained, she acted as if nothing major happened and had her son do his homework and sent him to school the next morning. Until her son suffered from a concussion, and after a subsequent amount of research on them, she did not know how many students actually suffered from concussions. Like most people, she only attributed it to professional sports, according to the director of the Neurotrauma Research Laboratory.

Michigan Supreme Court limits financial recovery for car accidents

In general, car accidents occur because someone was not driving as safely as they should have been. A driver may have been distracted, intoxicated, or simply have made a decision or misjudged a curve. Whatever the specific cause, many accidents can be traced back to the negligence of a specific person who was behind the wheel of a motor vehicle during the accident.

Death of sailors prompts boat race safety debate

A vigorous debate about the safety rules to be applied to the upcoming Chicago to Mackinac sailboat race has been prompted by a boating accident last summer in which two Saginaw sailors died. Their deaths occurred as a consequence of the collapse of their boat, WingNuts, and the inability to rescue them from the waters after it capsized.

Fatal accident takes the life of 69-year-old Michigan man

In the aftermath of a car accident it might not even be clear to those that were driving the cars involved exactly why the accident took place. Even in situations where one or both drivers thinking that they know what caused the accident their interpretations may not match up, or even tell the entire story. If one of the driver's was not watching the road closely they may not have even seen the events that led up to the crash.

Patients are communicating more, doctors disclosing less

Many people conduct research on the internet prior to making a major purchase or choosing a professional service. The internet has made information available to everyone at the touch of the keyboard. For well-informed consumers, there is another area in which knowledge is imperative - personal health and medical treatment.

Study shows decline in fatal accidents in Michigan

A single fatal motor vehicle accident is one too many for the family of the victim, but a new study reports encouraging news on the number of fatal accidents in Michigan. The Michigan State Police, Criminal Justice Information Center has just released a report indicating that the number if deadly car accidents declined by five percent in 2011. The reductions in fatalities were seen across a number of different accident types.

Workers injured in Michigan GM battery lab explosion

The Chevrolet Volt and other electronic vehicles have created a demand for more high tech batteries. General Motors has recently doubled the capacity of its Global Systems Battery testing center. While this is great news for the Michigan economy and for the future employment outlook, a large explosion this week at the research campus injured a number of employees and sent at least one to the hospital. A GM spokesperson said that the injured employee is expected to recover from his injuries.

Negligent motorcyclist spurs Ionia crash

A motorcyclist in the Michigan is suspected of causing a motor vehicle accident even though neither he nor his motorcycle never came into contact with either of the vehicles involved in the crash. The motorcyclist led a police officer on a high-speed chase, causing the officer to collide with another vehicle. The motorcyclist did not stick around the scene of the accident and is still being sought on charges that took place in a number of counties.

Higher risk of car accidents on tax day?

Those who will be driving to a post office to send in their tax returns may want to take extra care to avoid being involved in a car accident. A recent study indicates an increase in the number of automobile accidents on the day that tax returns are due, generally April 15, but falling on April 17 this year.

Auto manufacturers accounting for female bodies in crash tests

Have you ever considered that crash test dummies should not be gender neutral? Considering that women's body sizes and shapes are different than those of men, it naturally makes sense that when designing vehicles with an eye toward preventing the wrongful deaths of passengers, that women's bodies, as well as men's would be taken into account.

Teen driver of big rig involved in fatal motor vehicle accident

In order to drive a commercial vehicle in Michigan -- semis, tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers -- drivers must complete extra driver safety education and training. This is because the physics of how to maneuver such heavy vehicles is very different from that of other types of motor vehicles.

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  • $2,536,454: Verdict for no-fault benefits for client severely injured in motor vehicle accident. 2012.
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