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May 2012 Archives

New advances in spinal injury rehabilitation

Car crashes and other accidents can cause a wide variety of serious injuries. Some of the most debilitating injuries are brain injuries and injuries to the back or spine. Brain injuries often cause cognitive issues that can range from temporary forgetfulness or loss of acuity and headaches to very severe and permanent loss of mental capacity. Spine and back injuries can range from minor nerve damage to quadriplegia.

Can the sender of a text be liable for distracted driving accident?

If driver causes a serious accident because they are distracted by a text message on their phone, can the sender of that message also be held liable for the crash? That was a question presented to court recently after a serious car accident in which a distracted driver caused an accident while reading an incoming text message. According to a story in the Detroit Free Press, the crash caused severe injuries to the occupants of the other car involved in the accident. The victims of the crash, a husband and wife each lost a leg as a result of the crash.

Park Township police investigate double-fatal crash

Drivers who ignore stop signs, drive while impaired or allow their eyes to wander from the road act irresponsibly. Results of negligence sink in when a driver's carelessness turns to tragedy. Victims of inattentive, hasty or drunk drivers may be severely injured, permanently disabled or die.

Young Michigan man killed in pedestrian accident

As the onset of full-blown summer time is just around the corner in Michigan, we are all spending more and more time outdoors. Jogging and biking are on the rise and kids are pedaling their way to little league games and the neighborhood park. Much of this outdoor activity puts us in close proximity to automobile traffic. We may be either biking along the curb or shoulder of the road, or even just crossing the street at an intersection while out for a walk.

Doctors' poor handwriting leads to medical errors

Most patients are all too familiar with doctors who hurriedly scrawl a prescription and hand it to the patient to bring to his or her local pharmacy. Despite the introduction of computer technology in the medical field, human beings are still involved and there continues to be the potential for human error.

Hit-and-run death in Allegan County traced to truck driver

A Martin pickup truck driver is in the Allegan County jail, awaiting arraignment on charges that he was drunk when he struck a motorcycle and fled the scene of a fatal accident. Michigan State Police and county sheriff's deputies arrested the suspect, after a caller spotted what appeared to be a crash-damaged truck with a flat tire.

How long before our cars drive us to the store?

While the cars coming out of Detroit have changed drastically over the decades, a few key factors have remained the same. The most vital of these is how the car is controlled. While traction control, anti-lock brakes and other advancements have augmented a driver's ability to navigate the car and avoid a car accident, the driver is still in direct control of the car. But this may soon be changing. Earlier this month Google's self-driving cars were seen around Capitol Hill in D.C. It was suggested by many that Google was trying to lobby lawmakers to hasten the ability of these cars to share our highways.

Michigan among top states for dog bites

A recent study by a national insurance agency ranked all 50 states in terms of the number of dog bite claims. Michigan ranked highly as the state with the sixth most dog bite claims in the nation. As you know every animal owner in Michigan has a responsibility to maintain control of their animal and ensure that other people are safe from being attacked any time that they may encounter their animal. A dog owner in Michigan is responsible by law for injuries caused by their dog.

Automobile safety: the history of the crash test dummy

Earlier this week we talked about a new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding the importance of proper tire inflation to reduce crashes. For the last few years, new cars have been required to be equipped with warning devices to alert drivers to low tire pressure. There have been many such improvements in car safety over the last few decades. It brought to mind the question of how regulators and Detroit car manufacturers study the collisions that can result in serious injuries.

NHTSA report: Safe tires equal less crashes

Not all vehicles on the highway have tire-pressure monitors, although the warning devices have been required by law on cars made since 2008. The risk of a tire-related car accident is higher for drivers of older-model vehicles and cars that did not voluntarily feature the safety option before the law went into effect.

Michigan study: Concussions worse for females, younger athletes

A Michigan State University study indicates that concussions suffered by young athletes, especially young women, may be more serious than those sustained by older male players. The report concluded that brain injury symptoms were more pronounced and recovery times were longer for females or high-school age athletes than males and college-level athletes.

Decrease in Michigan accident fatalities better than national average

This week, the National Highway traffic Safety Administration announced that traffic fatalities had reached their lowest level since deadly car accident statistics began being tracked and recorded nationwide in 1949. The 23,310 traffic deaths in 2011 also marked a 1.7 percent decrease in traffic death compared to 2010. In Michigan the news was even better.

Injured Michigan teen out of play for good after head injury

New research about the possible long-term consequences of sports-related head injuries has prompted the National Football League to pay special attention to the health of their valuable players. Studies have found that frequent hits to the head, an almost unavoidable event in hard-hitting sports, can lead to concussions and potential brain injury.

Michigan motorcyclist killed in collision with minivan

We have all seen the bumper stickers that implore us to "start seeing motorcycles." It seems like a simple request, and certainly good advice. As the weather in Michigan warms up more and more motorcyclists are bringing their bikes out of storage for the riding season. Motorists who have not been accustomed to looking out for motorcycles must once again pay full attention to ensure that they fulfilling their duty to drive safely and not endanger others who are using Michigan's roads.

Investigators working to explain fatal Bloomfield crash

The death of loved ones is difficult enough when they pass away peacefully. It is especially hard for a family to endure the death of someone they love in a violent or fatal accident. Sometimes the only solace for survivors is the knowledge of how and why a relative's death occurred.

Spartan football players injured in chain reaction crash

Just after 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday Michigan State Football Players Lawrence Thomas and William Gholston were injured when they were involved in a multi-vehicle car accident on Interstate 96. A report n the accident in the Detroit Free Press said that neither of the young athletes, nor anyone else involved in the accident, suffered serious injuries. Both Thomas, a redshirt freshman, and Gholston, a junior, are from Detroit.

Michigan worker injured in forge explosion

Michigan has always been an industrial state. With access to all the shipping of the Great Lakes and a hardworking population, the automobile industrial and other heavy manufacturers and industry have located themselves in Michigan. These industrial jobs have also traditionally been good jobs for the people of Michigan. One of the causes of the economic distress in Michigan has been the loss of jus this type of well paying job. One reason that these jobs typically paid so well was because they involved working with heavy and dangerous materials and machinery. The potential for a serious industrial injury or workplace accident has always been present.

Expanding hospital program encourages doctors to admit mistakes

A program created and tested by the University of Michigan Health System encourages doctors to admit to medical errors and start the resolution process as soon as possible. The initiative, called Disclosure, Apology and Offer, was recently launched in seven Massachusetts hospitals, including top facilities in Boston.

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