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June 2012 Archives

How Safe Is Your Hospital?

Bronson Methodist Hospital, Bronson Battle Creek, Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Lakeland Community Hospital are among 34 hospitals in Michigan that received an "A" on a Hospital Safety Score recently released by The Leapfrog Group. They were among 729 hospitals across the nation that received an "A."

Power line and energy employee downed in Jonesville

A 56-year-old Reading, Michigan, man was struck and killed by a passing vehicle on Homer Road last Friday, June 22. The victim was a Consumers Energy employee who had been called to the scene of a downed power line in Fayette Township, just outside of Jonesville.

Police still searching for vehicle involved in fatal hit-and-run

Sheer cowardice. Drivers who cause horrific fatal car accidents, then continue on down the road cannot possibly be filled with anything else. Such is the feeling toward a suspected woman in her 40s who was allegedly driving a Honda Odyssey minivan south down US-23 just past Michigan Avenue last Friday. She reportedly sideswiped a Ford Expedition, causing it to roll several times, killing two children and injuring five other occupants of the vehicle.

Double billing: Arguing against first responder fees

In a recent editorial to the Times Herald in Port Huron, Michigan, the executive of Michigan's Insurance Institute argued against the trend of cities billing citizens whenever the police or fire departments respond to their traffic crash. The letter explains that auto insurance policies do not include coverage for the cost of first responder care or equipment, so why should we be charged separately for the accident report? Regardless, if you become involved in a personal injury lawsuit for damages after a motor vehicle accident, you may be able to recover those fees in the settlement.

Reducing medical mistakes through patient-centered practices

As the debate over the Patient First Reform Package continues in Lansing and across Michigan, we thought it would be helpful to ask: How can we reduce medical malpractice costs in a way that truly puts patients first?

Michigan man dies while driving through Grand Tetons

A 60-year-old Rochester Hills, Michigan, man died at the scene of two-car, head-on collision in Grand Teton National Park last week. According to park authorities, the two vehicles each contained a driver and a passenger. Thankfully, none of the other three people involved in the crash were injured.

Brain injuries include lifelong dedication to recovery

Some of our Michigan readers may be following the struggle of Today Show contributor Bill Briggs. His 20-year-old daughter suffered catastrophic injuries including multiple bone fractures, a collapsed lung and severe brain trauma in a car accident last year. She was in the passenger side of the vehicle when the driver made a left turn when an oncoming SUV slammed into her side of the car. The girl was unconscious, unresponsive and would remain that way for several months.

3 children injured, 1 dog dead in Ashland Township

Newaygo County authorities reported that three children and a dog were hit by a motorist Tuesday night, June 12. Apparently, the group was walking along the road when a vehicle hit all of them. The three children, one girl and two boys between the ages of 9 to 14 were taken to a hospital and treated for injuries they suffered as a result of the car accident. One was injured so severely that the child had to be airlifted by helicopter to the hospital; the other two children were taken by ambulance. Unfortunately, the dog that was with them died at the scene.

Workers' compensation premiums not high enough, study says

A new study in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine says that nearly 80 percent of Michigan's workplace injuries and illnesses are not covered by workers' compensation payments. Instead, they are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and employer-provided health insurance plans. This has resulted in companies paying artificially low workers' comp premiums, leading to a lack of incentive for corporations to establish and/or promote workplace safety policies.

Combining good medical care with self advocacy

More than 70 percent of patients place complete faith in their doctor and never seek a second opinion. But according to a recent study in Health Affairs, 11 percent of doctors lied to their patients last year, and 50 percent have not fully divulged the seriousness of a diagnosis. Approximately one-third of doctors do not find it important to disclose medical mistakes to their patients.

Michigan proposes changes to personal injury protection law

As a no-fault state, Michigan implements personal injury protection policies that pay for your medical bills if you are injured in a traffic accident. The PIP also pays as much as 85 percent of your lost income up to three years and even throws in a little extra per diem for things like household chores.

OSHA slow to address toxins at Michigan construction sites

Two toxins common to construction sites, factories, foundries, mines and quarries still are not regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Silica and beryllium are found in the dust of coal, rocks, metals and soils, and are classified as known carcinogens.

Appeals court overturns Michigan's wrongful death suit ruling

Last month the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit overturned a decision made by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan regarding liability in a fatal tractor-trailer accident.

Death toll continues days after car crashes with 12 motorcycles

A second man has succumbed to injuries he received in a horrific traffic accident several days ago when a group of 12 friends from Michigan were heading home on their motorcycles after a trip to Milwaukee. The group was hit head-on by a car that crossed the center line. The first victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Using patient photos to prevent medical malpractice

In past blog posts, we have discussed the patient safety improvements that can come from using electronic health records and moving away from medical errors caused by paper charts and illegible handwriting. A study published recently shows that using pictures in those electronic records can also help decrease medical errors.

Two men die in boat accident, fishing guide under investigation

A 71-year-old Northern Michigan man well-known in the Frankfort area died last Saturday, along with his friend and fishing buddy, also 71 years old. They were on an annual fishing trip in Lake of the Woods in Ontario and had hired a fishing guide from a local resort.

Free boater safety certification class this weekend

Throughout Michigan we are blessed with a wealth of outdoor recreational activities in, on and around the water. Hopefully we all have a friend with a boat, a jet ski or other personal watercraft that they will invite us to enjoy with them sometime during the summer.

State legislature considers medical malpractice bills

The Michigan state legislature is considering five new proposed bills that would limit or eliminate the cost of medical malpractice suits throughout the state. Wrongfully called the "Patients First Reform Package" the legislation would actually shift the cost of medical errors to the victims.

Patients First Reform Package: A step backward in patient safety

Disguised by an appealing name, the state of Michigan is proposing legislation called the "Patients First Reform Package." Those supporting Senate bills 1115-1118 claim they will go far to alleviate a predicted shortage of physicians in the state by protecting doctors from malpractice suits. However, opponents to the bills say that the sole purpose of these bills is to make suing physicians for egregious acts of medical malpractice much more difficult and will ultimately limit compensatory awards.

Tragedy strike group of Michigan motorcyclists

A group, comprised of a dozen motorcyclists, from Michigan was on its way back home when a horrific accident occurred last night. The accident took the life of one of the motorcyclists and injured nine others, only two of the 12 riders, all males on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, escaped the impact. Four of the injured were transported to area hospitals by medical rescue helicopters, two regular ambulances transported the less seriously injured to the hospital for treatment.

Lack of random safety inspections increases workplace injuries

Businesses subjected to random safety inspections benefit through discovering existing dangerous problems and being compelled to correct them. A new study demonstrates that businesses not subject to such random surprise safety inspections experienced a higher rate of accidents in the workplace, resulting in higher costs and workers compensation claims. There was no significant difference between the inspected or uninspected businesses in terms of lost sales, lost jobs, or business failure, indicating that any concern by a business about negative impacts are entirely misplaced.

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