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August 2012 Archives

Michigan utility workers threatened by dog bites

Here in Michigan, there exists a strict liability for dog owners. This means that dog owners are responsible for providing a safe environment for anyone who might come into contact with their dogs. When a dog does bite someone, the owner of that dog may be held accountable financially for that person's medical expenses, lost wages and other costs related to the attack.

Michigan authorities discourage driving drunk over Labor Day weekend

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed Michigan's kick-off of its "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign." Authorities throughout the state are now preparing for the Labor Day weekend by continuing to step up enforcement efforts throughout the rest of the campaign that ends Sept. 3.

If cars could talk, would Michigan's roads be any safer?

If cars could talk to each other, would they get along any better on the roads? The U.S. Department of Transportation thinks so and has decided to enlist 3,000 Ann Arbor residents to help test its theory.

Insurance co. says hospital abuses Michigan brain injury patients

Detroit area families who have loved ones who have sustained brain injuries are all too familiar with the physical and emotional challenges that accompany sudden head trauma. In addition to dealing with medical care, rehabilitation, financial costs and possibly adjusting to a new lifestyle, a traumatic brain injury may also leave a person somewhat vulnerable to abuse or fraud.

Hospitals discharge patients without reviewing test results

Michigan residents rely on hospitals and emergency care providers to give competent and adequate care in what may be the most serious of situations. The very nature of a medical emergency means that patients are not often concerned with negligent medical care at the time of treatment. But hospitals must still maintain a certain standard of care, even when it comes to the unexpected.

County executive still hospitalized; driver appears in court

Earlier this month, the Oakland County, Michigan, Executive was seriously injured in a two-car accident in the Auburn Hills neighborhood. The 73-year-old official was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a 60-year-old retired Michigan State Police trooper.

First of thousands agree to settlement for recalled hip implants

Johnson & Johnson settled the first three of nearly 8,000 lawsuits filed over the drug company's ASR hip implants. The company recalled 37,000 of its hip replacements parts in the United States two years.

Speed, drugs, bald tires and rain blamed in fatal accident

Nearly a month after causing a fatal car crash, a 35-year-old Michigan City man was charged with multiple counts of reckless homicide and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated resulting in death, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing serious bodily harm. Currently at large, a LaPorte Circuit Court Judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Alzheimer's added to effects of flavorings chemical diacetyl

When you are not able to work because of a chronic illness, personal injury, disease or other condition, there are a number of financial resources you can use to replace the income you used to earn through working.

Failure to diagnosis flesh-eating bacteria leads to death

Michigan doctors owe each and every patient their upmost care, no matter their age, gender or economic status. When at the doctor, people should know they are going to leave better off. They should not have to question whether their doctor has made the right diagnosis. Unfortunately for some in the Ann Arbor area and throughout the U.S., that simply is not the case. Doctors make mistakes and overlook symptoms, which can lead to misdiagnosis and medical malpractice.

Health care contracting company sued for disease outbreak

When an accident happens at work, the employer usually takes responsibility. If a child gets hurt at school, the school district often takes some of the responsibility for approving the hiring of a certain teacher or installation of playground equipment. If a highway bridge falls and people are killed, not only is the construction company at fault, but so is the architect.

Michigan campaign kick-off: "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over"

Did you know there are tell-tale tactics that tip off police to drunk drivers? So-called "professional drunk drivers," often display the same characteristics and Michigan's finest know what to look for.

Pontoon ride at Lake Allegan turns deadly

A 55-year-old Illinois woman died after her pontoon was hit by a motorboat on Lake Allegan last Sunday. The pontoon was being driven by her husband who also sustained injuries. They were both taken to Allegan General Hospital where the wife died. Her husband was released the next day.

Your workers' compensation insurance may start in parking lot

The Superior Court in another state recently ruled that a company's workers' compensation coverage begins the moment an employee arrives on company property to begin the work day.

9-year-old Michigan girl recovers from pit bull attack

Watching your child end up in harm's way is every parent's worst nightmare. Most Michigan parents would anything to protect their children. In what was likely among the scariest moments of her life, a Michigan woman fought off a vicious pit bull as it attacked her young daughter.

Negligent medical care leads to death of young woman

Few things are more difficult to comprehend or accept than when one's symptoms and complaints are essentially ignored by hospital personnel. Even worse is when that lack of attention and hospital error causes an otherwise healthy person to die.

Inattentive drivers contribute to emergency vehicle accidents

Next time you get behind the wheel of a car, turn down the radio, hang up the phone and don't even think about reading or responding to a text. Make sure your rear view and side mirrors provide a clear view of approaching vehicles. Why? So you can see and hear approaching emergency, fire, ambulance and police vehicles.

Paid sick time is good idea for high-risk industry employers

According to researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Michigan employees that receive paid sick time are 28 percent less likely than those without paid sick time to suffer from a work-related injury. The study also found that individuals who work in the highest risk industries such as manufacturing and construction benefit the most from paid sick time.

Michigan driver in fatal collision with motorcyclist

A Michigan motorcyclist who had pulled to the side of the road was fatally hit by a driver in a Ford Taurus in the southbound lane of Pontiac Trail, just north of Five Mile Road in Salem Township. Local authorities are still investigating the crash.

Seatbelt warning systems will spread to back seat

Safety regulators are working on new requirements for seatbelt warning systems. Currently only driver's seats are required to be equipped with an alert system to tell the person to buckle up when the car is in motion. A new transportation bill passed by Congress would increase those systems to functioning in other seats, including those in the back.

Dog bites among most costly homeowners insurance claims

Most Michigan residents would probably guess that a natural disaster or a major theft would be the most expensive claims to settle with one's homeowners insurance. These types of big events are the ones we think about the most when selecting an insurance policy but in fact are not the most common or the most costly among damage or injuries that can happen on one's property.

  • $4,391,000: Judgment entered on Oakland County jury verdict, 2008. A Michigan man suffered traumatic brain injuries in a motor vehicle accident, which caused a permanent seizure disorder. View More results
  • $2,536,454: Verdict for no-fault benefits for client severely injured in motor vehicle accident. 2012.
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  • $2,360,000: Jury verdict for serious electric shock injuries sustained by client in a construction accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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  • $1,400,000: Verdict for no-fault benefits due to a traumatically brain injured client, in this Washtenaw County action against Allstate Insurance Company. View More results
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