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December 2012 Archives

Faulty electronic medical records are causing injuries to patients

One of the most important things that take place at medical offices and hospitals is the record-keeping. When patient records are not both accurate and accessible to those that need them, this can create information gaps causing doctors and other medical professionals to make decisions about a patient's care without having all of the necessary information. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to mistakes that harm patients.

How to avoid workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome

People in Michigan whose daily work routine involves hours and hours of the same physical activity often risk suffering repetitive stress injuries. This might be a knee injury for someone who spends hours on his or her feet every day, or a back injury for someone who lifts boxes or paints walls. Even those who have sit-down office jobs can suffer repetitive stress injuries, and one of the most common types of these is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Surgeons leave items behind in about 2,000 patients per year

The prospect of undergoing surgery is very concerning for many Michigan residents. This is a category of medical procedures with which many people are simply not very comfortable. This may be due in part to the widespread media attention to surgical errors in recent years.

2 injured in car accident in Ann Arbor

Two Ypsilanti residents sustained serious injuries in a car accident last night in Ann Arbor on the eastbound side of M-14, according to a news report. The accident took place at about 11 p.m., after which M-14 east was closed for about two hours at Barton Road.

Construction worker falls 30 feet, suffers only minor injuries

A common type of workplace injury is falls. That is because one can slip and fall in any work environment, though falls are of course more dangerous in some environments than others. On Monday, a worker in Jackson County, Michigan, fell about 30 feet inside a water tower. Fortunately, and somewhat shockingly, his injuries were fairly minor.

Michigan House passes 2 medical malpractice reforms

Michigan's lawmakers have been hard at work attempting to reform the state's medical malpractice laws, and last week the House did pass several changes and sent the bills to Gov. Rick Snyder's desk.

Federal agency may ask states to tighten drunk driving laws

One of the most tragic kinds of car accidents is wrong-way crashes, according to a recent study by federal researchers. These accidents claim hundreds of lives each year and the majority of them are caused by drunk drivers who have blood alcohol levels of more than twice the legal limit.

UMHS bucking the trend of deny and defend in med-mal practice

The University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) appears to be a trendsetter once again. This time, it is in the medical malpractice arena. Rather than employing the age old adage of 'deny and defend' when it comes to medical malpractice claims, the UMHS's response program is being touted as a model for the nation's hospitals according to a recent study.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after fatal Monroe plane crash

In the aftermath of a fatal car accident or any other type of fatal accident it is possible for the victim's loved ones to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or entity whose negligence caused the accident. This is a way to recover compensation for funeral expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. It is often possible to file a wrongful death lawsuit even if the negligent party died in the accident, too. In such cases, the wrongful death lawsuit is usually filed against the negligent person's estate.

Bridge detour causes car accident concern in Quanicassee

When construction or other issues cause road closures on Michigan roads, it is up to city planners or other authorities to provide proper notice to drivers of the closures and any detours. Encountering such obstacles can be dangerous so it is important that detours are well-marked and safe.

Should doctors have to take competence tests as they age?

Here in Michigan, and throughout the country, professionals who have the lives of others in their hands must continually prove that they are up to the challenge. For example, commercial airline pilots have to undergo routine health screenings beginning at age 40, and they are forced to retire at 65. FBI agents, too, must retire at the age of 57. Medical doctors, however, have no such requirements.

Michigan dog owner offered plea deal after pit bull attack

Oftentimes when we hear about dog bites or attacks, they involve an animal whose owner did not take the right steps to ensure the safety of those encountering the animal. This might be failing to keep a dog leashed or fenced in a yard, for example, or the dog might have been poorly trained or mistreated.

1 killed, 1 critical in drunk driving wrong-way crash in Detroit

When a car accident involves drunk driving, in a way it holds an added level of tragedy. This is because drunk driving is so avoidable. The risks are well known and well publicized. Drivers know that drunk driving is dangerous, and they know that it is often fatal, and yet some drivers decide to risk everything time and time again and get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

Court: consensual affair between doctor and patient is malpractice

Early last month, in this Michigan medical malpractice blog, we discussed an interesting case that was being decided by an appeals court on the east coast. The question before the court was whether a consensual affair between a physician and a patient constituted medical malpractice.

Study unveils details about brain condition plaguing athletes

Last week in this Michigan personal injury law blog, we discussed the disappointment that ensued after a promising brain injury treatment turned out to be a dud. While researchers are continuing to seek effective brain injury treatments, other researchers are focused on learning more about what causes brain injuries in the first place.

In Michigan, should teen drivers be banned from cellphone use?

Distracted driving causes accidents far too frequently, often leaving injuries or even death in their trail. While the law does provide a way for victims to seek compensation from negligent drivers, legislators here in Michigan have yet to find a way to effectively curb distracted driving.

  • $4,391,000: Judgment entered on Oakland County jury verdict, 2008. A Michigan man suffered traumatic brain injuries in a motor vehicle accident, which caused a permanent seizure disorder. View More results
  • $2,536,454: Verdict for no-fault benefits for client severely injured in motor vehicle accident. 2012.
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  • $2,360,000: Jury verdict for serious electric shock injuries sustained by client in a construction accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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  • $1,400,000: Verdict for no-fault benefits due to a traumatically brain injured client, in this Washtenaw County action against Allstate Insurance Company. View More results
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