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January 2013 Archives

Ice, snow wreak havoc on Michigan's roads

Ice and snow squalls are leading to havoc on Michigan's roads today. A very large chain-reaction collision has left three people dead, including two children, on Interstate 75 in Detroit. In all, six crash scenes along about a one-mile stretch involved approximately 35 vehicles. Forty people were injured in the accidents.

Advancements in football head trauma may change game

Last week in this Michigan personal injury law blog, we wrote about the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Junior Seau, an NFL player who killed himself in the spring. It has been revealed the Seau suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head, and his family sued the football league and the Riddell helmet manufacturer, accusing them of negligence.

Mother of infant who died filed malpractice lawsuit for answers

When children are born with low birth weights in Michigan, a risk of serious complications exists. Fortunately, due to advancements in medical care, this risk is much lower than it once was and the survival rate is about 96 percent. Infants do still succumb to complications associated with low birth weights in some cases, although this can sometimes be prevented by a timely diagnosis of certain conditions and effective treatment.

Cable guardrail prevents head-on collision near Hartland Township

A cable guardrail on U.S. 23 is being credited with saving a Michigan man's life, according to LivingstonDaily.com. According to a news report, a southbound driver was going too fast for the conditions Friday when he lost control of his minivan and wound up striking the cable fence.

Toyota announces it has settled bellwether wrongful death claim

After a fatal car accident here in Michigan, the loved ones of the victim may sue the driver who is at fault for wrongful death. This is a way to hold that person accountable, as well as obtain compensation for funeral expenses, lost source of income, pain and suffering and more. In some cases, however, the wrongful death lawsuit is not focused on a driver, but rather another party--such as a truck company, a municipality or even an automaker.

Aurora theater shooting victim's wife sues shooter's psychiatrist

Most often when people hear "medical malpractice," they think of a doctor being sued for making a mistake that led to injuries or death. This is an accurate description of one type of medical malpractice, but in fact many other medical professionals and organizations can also be sued for medical malpractice. In some cases, hospitals, clinics, nurses or psychiatrists may be sued for medical malpractice.

Study: Obese drivers face high risk of death by car accident

Motor vehicle safety has evolved quite a bit in recent decades to keep drivers and passengers as safe as possible in the event of a collision. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that when it comes to automotive safety, cars may discriminate against some of the people in their cabins here in Michigan.

Family of Junior Seau sues NFL, helmet maker for brain injuries

Early last month we discussed a study that revealed information about brain trauma plaguing many athletes in contact sports here in Michigan and elsewhere. The research, published in the journal "Brain," unveiled new information about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a condition which has been linked to many professional football players. Thousands of NFL players and their families have sued the football league in recent years due to this disease, and this week yet another lawsuit was filed.

Driver in crash that killed Michigan man, 22, pleads 'no contest'

Car accidents happen in an instant and they change lives forever. Many Michigan residents remember hearing about a tragic accident that took place in Fraser last summer leaving one 22-year-old twin brother dead and the other injured. This family is continuing to seek closure, according to a recent news report in the Lansing Journal, and one chapter closed today when the driver of the other vehicle pleaded no contest.

Beware of the cat: Bites lead to infection, steep medical bills

When we discuss animal attacks in this Michigan Personal Injury Law Blog, the topic tends to surround a dog bite. This is because, unfortunately, dog bites are somewhat common. A recent news report reminds us that another type of household pet is much more dangerous than people think: the cat.

Michigan parents of boy killed sledding file wrongful death claims

Many Michigan parents remember hearing about the horrible accident that claimed the life of an 11-year-old boy in Grand Haven several years ago. The child was sledding in the park in 2009 when he struck a fallen branch, causing an abdomen injury leading to fatal internal bleeding.

Detroit Lions' player settles car accident lawsuit with passenger

Most car accident cases that we discuss in this Ann Arbor Car Accident blog involve multiple vehicles. However, one-car accidents do happen quite frequently and it is also possible to file a personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit after a one-car crash. In these cases the negligent party might be the city or county for failing to keep roads or signage safely maintained, or it might be the auto manufacturer for a defect in the car itself that caused an accident. Other times, a passenger in a car sues the driver of the same car for the accident. This happened in a high-profile case that was recently settled out of court.

Debate over no-fault auto insurance heats up in Michigan

Many people know that Michigan's no-fault auto insurance system has come under fire recently. Some people think that it results in excessive spending when people suffer serious injuries in car accidents. However, those who have had any experience with a serious injury know that the costs of medical care for such injuries can be incredibly expensive.

Nurses at Michigan hospitals complain about patient safety

Medical malpractice cases here in Michigan often involve a misdiagnosis, medical error or injury caused by a doctor or medical professional. However, in some cases the medical professionals may not be as much to blame as the hospital. Unfortunately, hospitals sometimes put patients at risk by fostering environments that lead to medical malpractice.

FDA advises smaller doses of sleeping pills to curb drowsy driving

A couple of weeks ago in this Ann Arbor motor vehicle accidents blog, we discussed a stunning study about how many Americans might be falling asleep behind the wheel. This week, shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that more than 4 percent of Americans might be dozing off while driving, the Food and Drug Administration has officially recommended lower doses of sleep aids--citing problems and risks linked to drowsiness.

How to prevent slips and falls in the workplace

One of the most common injuries in Michigan's workplaces is also one of the most preventable: falls. Slips and falls can happen anywhere, but they are more likely in high-paced environments where people are moving quickly, such as in a hospital, for example. Slips and falls are also bound to happen in any workplace that fails to practice basic injury prevention.

Child born in Wayne County jail receives birth injury settlement

Nobody who is expecting a child likes to think about this, but there are a number of things that can lead to birth injuries. Fortunately, most of the time pregnant women are in good hands with competent doctors at Michigan's hospitals and birthing centers. When medical professionals do make mistakes, however, the consequences can be very serious.

4 dogs that attacked Michigan teenage girl to be euthanized

When someone is bitten or attacked by a dog in Michigan, the legal system has a variety of ways to resolve the situation as best as possible. In many cases, the dogs are deemed dangerous by a judge and they are euthanized so that they do not attack again. In some cases, the dog owners also face criminal charges or civil liability due to their role in the attack.

Another Michigan person's life claimed by meningitis outbreak

The toll of those affected by a deadly meningitis outbreak continues to rise here in Michigan. Yesterday, health officials reported that a 14th person linked to the outbreak has died. The 87-year-old victim was a resident of Washtenaw County.

Are Michigan drivers sleeping at the wheel?

The New Year has arrived but it is not too late to make a resolution. Michigan drivers should make this the year that they vow to stay awake behind the wheel. According to a new study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a startling number of American drivers are dozing off while driving.

Deer-car accidents on the rise in Michigan, insurance claims down

Back in October we wrote a blog post about car-deer collisions declining in Michigan. Now that the year is almost over, however, we have learned that the state still ranks in the top five when it comes to deer-car accidents. According to an analysis compiled by State Farm, Michigan drivers faced odds of 1 in 72 when it came to hitting a deer in 2012.

Many brain injury victims are blocked from treatment

Most Michigan residents are aware that U.S. Representative Gabriel Giffords has continued to achieve a remarkable recovery after suffering a serious brain injury when she sustained a gunshot wound to the head last year. Giffords' progress has been possible due to a number of factors, but of course access to top of the line medical care played a role.

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  • $2,536,454: Verdict for no-fault benefits for client severely injured in motor vehicle accident. 2012.
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  • $1,400,000: Verdict for no-fault benefits due to a traumatically brain injured client, in this Washtenaw County action against Allstate Insurance Company. View More results
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