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March 2013 Archives

Study says more adults than teens are texting behind the wheel

Many Michigan parents worry when their teenage children get their driver's licenses. This day and age, parents may need to worry more than ever before because of the increasing number of distractions drivers face behind the wheel. Many parents are concerned that their teens might text while driving and cause a car accident. However, a recent study found that some of these parents might do better to critique their own driving habits rather than those of their children.

HIV tests urged for 7,000 dentist's patients

Most of the cases of medical malpractice we discuss in this Michigan Personal Injury Law blog involve small mistakes or oversights that led to significant injuries or illnesses for a patient. Of course, doctors and nurses have very important jobs, and the standards of care are held very high in order to avoid such consequences. In a potential case of medical malpractice that is making national news this week, the medical mistakes are far more egregious than what we typically write about.

3 University of Michigan buses involved in crashes in one day

Some Michigan residents may have heard that earlier this month three University of Michigan buses were involved in motor vehicle accidents in the same day. This is quite unusual, according to The Michigan Daily, and two of these accidents did reportedly involve injuries.

Boy, 6, suffers dog bite inside pet shop

Parents with young children in Michigan often do well to teach their children not to pet unknown dogs, at least not without asking a dog's owner if the dog is aggressive. Dogs often do not like attention from unfamiliar children, and of course curious children tend to find it hard to resist petting a dog. Ultimately, it is the dog owner's responsibility to keep people safe around his or her animal, but parents can do their part, too, to avoid an incident.

Guidelines aimed to prevent medical errors backfire

Some Michigan residents may have heard that back in 2011 a medical board of supervision implemented new regulations to help prevent fatigued doctors in training from making medical errors. The regulations cut the hours that medical residents could work without taking breaks from 30 to 16--in the hopes of enhancing patient safety as well as improving the well-being of the doctors. Interestingly, two reports have found that the regulations have backfired.

Michigan State Police: motorcycle accident deaths on the rise

The Michigan State Police released unfortunate statistics on motorcycle accidents in the state earlier this week. The state is experiencing a significant increase in motorcycle accidents and motorcycle fatalities, according to the police. From 2011 to 2012, motorcycle fatalities increased by 18 percent.

Poor workplace injury statistics may lead to unsafe workplaces

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks workplace injuries in every state and that information is often used to learn how to prevent such injuries as well as determine whether existing preventative measures are effective. Unfortunately, a joint report of the Michigan State University's Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the Michigan Department of Community Health showed that the federal government's statistics on workplace injuries in Michigan may be far from accurate.

Study: misdiagnoses often due to rushed doctor visits

Michigan residents may be surprised to learn that the short amount of time primary care doctors spend with patients can sometimes cause misdiagnoses. A recent study found that diagnostic errors that take place in primary care offices are often related to the time constraints that physicians face when evaluating patients.

New concussion treatment guidelines issued for athletes

Detroit area parents who have children who play contact sports may have experienced concussion scares. Signs of concussions include headaches, sensitivities to light or sound, difficulties balancing and coordinating and a loss of consciousness, among other symptoms. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, generally caused by a blow to the head. Concussions can lead to significant problems and as such it is important to seek medical attention when one suffers a concussion.

Study shows children frequently distract drivers

When we write about distracted driving in this Detroit Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog, we are generally talking about cellphone use behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a term that might also be used to describe someone who is putting on makeup while driving, or focusing more on shuffling through an MP3 player than driving safely. A new report, however, found that another type of distracted driving may be the worst kind of all. Researchers have concluded that drivers are 12 times more distracted by children in the car than by cellphones.

Can Michigan police be sued for not preventing suicide?

In Michigan, when a fatal accident is caused by another person or entity, it is possible for the loved ones of the victim to seek to hold that party accountable with a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims allow Michigan residents who have suffered such a loss to receive money for funeral expenses, medical costs incurred before death, the loss of future income and the loss of companionship. These cases have a strict burden of proof and it is wise to seek legal counsel before proceeding with such a claim.

Safety regulations issued after train accident in Niles

Many people recall that an Amtrak train derailed last year in Niles, Michigan, resulting in injuries to 14 people. Investigators later found that the derailment was due to the train riding on the wrong track, caused by a reversed switch. In the aftermath of this train accident and a fatal accident in Illinois in which a motor vehicle crashed into an Amtrak train, federal officials are now recommending new safety protocols.

Nerve damage during birth is often preventable

When expectant parents worry about birth injuries, they often think of things like cerebral palsy and shoulder dystocia. While many people are aware that there may be a risk of a baby suffering those injuries at birth, there are a number of other birth injuries that could happen as well. A fairly common type of birth injury that many Michigan residents are less aware of is brachial plexus.

Car accident fatalities on the rise; speeding, cellphones to blame

Unfortunate news broke late last month that may interest Michigan residents. According to the National Safety Council, the number of people killed in the country due to car accidents went up for the first time in seven years in 2012.

School buses crash in Detroit area, one driver injured

Those who drive large vehicles such as buses and tractor-trailers need to take their responsibilities behind the wheel very seriously. Of course, drivers of any type of motor vehicles need to do this, but when drivers of commercial vehicles get into collisions the results are often catastrophic. Accidents involving buses or commercial trucks often result in serious injuries or death.

Michigan bar settles wrongful death suit after fatal crash

In Michigan, when someone is injured or killed by a drunk driver, it is possible for the victim or his or her survivors to file a lawsuit against the driver and/or any establishment that may have over-served the driver. This can result in compensation for medical or funeral expenses, lost income, and other costs of drunk driving car accidents.

Boy dies in hospital after being attacked by 'bullies'

In most cases here in Michigan when people go to the hospital, they receive competent care--in some cases, life-saving care. In some cases, however, medical mistakes or hospital negligence leads to patients becoming even sicker while hospitalized. One common example of becoming sicker in the hospital is coming down with hospital-acquired pneumonia. Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be very serious, and one can acquire it in the hospital in several ways; patients sometimes get pneumonia from a respirator machine, and in other cases it is spread by health care workers who may have failed to follow basic protocols such as frequent hand-washing.

Michigan trucking company involved in accident that killed 6

As many people have now heard, this weekend a tragic truck accident involving a Michigan trucking company took place in Kentucky. A tractor-trailer was reportedly following a Ford Expedition too closely when the truck struck the SUV, resulting in the deaths of six of its occupants--four adults and two children. Two additional children in the vehicle were injured and taken to local hospitals.

800 dog bites reported to Detroit Animal Control in 2012

Many people often have debates about whether certain breeds of dogs are inherently dangerous. The truth is that while larger and stronger dogs may always be associated with a higher risk of danger, because they have the potential to cause more severe injuries, the true danger is that of irresponsible pet owners.

2 injured in car accident in Jackson, Michigan

Lately, we have frequently been mentioning on this Michigan Car Accident Blog that it is very important for drivers not only to follow traffic laws, but also to respond properly to winter road conditions. All too often, people abide by the posted speed limits when it is snowing, sleeting or when the roads are icy. When the driving conditions are poor, it is necessary to slow down. When drivers do drive too fast for the conditions, they may cause accidents and injuries, and they may be held accountable in criminal court and/or in civil court.

Bill aims to prevent workplace injuries caused by dust explosions

Many times when we hear about on-the-job accidents and injuries in Michigan, the incidents have taken place in an industrial workplace or on a construction site. Of course, workplace accidents can happen anywhere, but certain industries may be more hazardous to workers. In any industry, however, it is important that employers take the necessary steps to minimize risks and keep their workers as safe as possible.

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