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Hospital Negligence Archives

Negligent medical care in Michigan and other states costs lives

It is fairly common knowledge that diseases and accidents kill many Americans each year. What some Michigan residents might find surprising is that reports indicate that negligent medical care kills more people than breast cancer or drug overdoses. According to one study, tens of thousands of medical patients die annually because of medical errors.

Tort reform laws increase personal injury mishaps to patients

There is arguably a connection between a certain hospital's premature discharge of a man later diagnosed with Ebola and the severe restrictions on medical malpractice claims that exist in many states. There are 31 states, including Michigan, that have limitations on how much can be recovered in a malpractice case. Many states also have a variety of other provisions designed to prevent people from suing doctors and hospitals. The misdiagnosis of the Ebola patient shows that services tend to become more lax when medical providers are largely immune from accountability for their negligence that causes personal injury and death.

Personal injury claims for malpractice help improve safety

A research center at a major law school issued a new, updated version of its periodic report called "Medical Malpractice: By The Numbers."  The research report covers a range of issues relating to malpractice litigation and related procedures.These are relevant to malpractice concerns in Michigan. One conclusion is that severe state limitations to pursuing personal injury claims relating to medical malpractice leads to an inevitable decline in the hospital's patient safety measures. At the same time, the rate of preventable errors increases.

Wrongful death suit says hospital and surgeon ignored emergency

When a critically injured shooting victim is brought into a hospital emergency room the hospital employees and doctors should respond in an emergency mode to provide immediate life-saving services. It would be malpractice in Michigan and elsewhere for medical providers to ignore giving emergency treatment or surgery to a shooting victim with life-threatening injuries. In one case, the victim was neglected by the surgeon on duty who was performing elective surgery at the time, and the regional medical center had no backup plan in place. After two hours, the man died in the ER, and his family is now suing the hospital and the surgeon for wrongful death damages.

Wrongful death suits claimed against hospital in fungus outbreak

Another sad story of apparent hospital negligence, along with something resembling a cover-up, indicates why medical malpractice limitations on damages are often unfair to victims and their families. The hospital is a children's hospital that is not located in Michigan. The institution announced recently that a fungal outbreak caused the deaths of five children over an 11 month period in 2008 and 2009. This appears to be another example of why victims and their families deserve the same full range of wrongful death benefits that are payable to non-medical victims.

Medical errors report lends support to wrongful death claims

A United States Senator released a report on April 25 that documents that an average of 325,000 people die in American hospitals each year from medical errors. That astounding statistic, released by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, makes errors by medical personnel the third leading cause of deaths nationwide after heart disease and cancer. This may be at least one aspect of why the medical community, including in Michigan, lobbies so vigorously for the limitation of medical malpractice actions based on wrongful death or catastrophic injuries.

$1.6 million award against doctor in wrongful death of patient

If the victim of medical malpractice dies as a result of the negligent care, the family of the decedent can sue the medical providers responsible. In Michigan and elsewhere, this is done in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the civil division of the court. In that sense, the malpractice action is like any other personal injury civil action. The action is filed and pursued by the estate on behalf of the decedent's immediate family.

Failure to diagnose and treat supports claim for wrongful death

Medical malpractice consists of negligence by a medical provider in which the treatment falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient. In Michigan, so-called tort reform is reflected in a number of procedural controls. An affidavit of merit must be filed for the plaintiff in which a qualified expert must attest to making a review of the records and must set forth the standard of care, the nature of the defendant's breach of that care, what should have been done to meet the standard, and how the breach caused the plaintiff's wrongful death or personal injury.

Hospital negligence in Michigan can occur with 'alarm fatigue'

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital knows that it can be a noisy environment. Nearly every room has machines that constantly make sounds as patients' vital signs are monitored. These sounds have become so commonplace that medical staff in Michigan and nationwide may become desensitized to them -- turning the alarms down or off, or simply ignoring them when they sound. This type of hospital negligence can put patients at risk for greater injury, illness or death.

Boy dies in hospital after being attacked by 'bullies'

In most cases here in Michigan when people go to the hospital, they receive competent care--in some cases, life-saving care. In some cases, however, medical mistakes or hospital negligence leads to patients becoming even sicker while hospitalized. One common example of becoming sicker in the hospital is coming down with hospital-acquired pneumonia. Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be very serious, and one can acquire it in the hospital in several ways; patients sometimes get pneumonia from a respirator machine, and in other cases it is spread by health care workers who may have failed to follow basic protocols such as frequent hand-washing.

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