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Medical Malpractice Archives

Reduce your chances of injuries caused by medical malpractice

When you need medical care, you go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment to feel better. You may not think about the mistakes they make that can lead to harm. When doctors and health care staff fail in their duties, their patients suffer.  There is even the possibility of death. 

"Superbug" infections are drastically underreported

Few health threats cast as much fear into the hearts of medical professionals as "superbugs." Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a significant public health threat. Because they're not easily treatable, these infections can rapidly spread out of control, especially in health care settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. Outbreaks are often deadly.

Telemedicine: Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

These days, technology makes it possible to interact across vast distances, changing the landscape of the medical field. Telemedicine gives providers the ability to consult with patients, prescribe treatments and review test results - all without the need to be physically present.

Research suggests chiropractic treatment could be linked to strokes

Have you ever sought chiropractic care because of neck or back pain? You expect to come away feeling better, not worse. You certainly don't expect to suffer a potentially life-threatening stroke as a result of a neck adjustment.

Identifying the signs of nursing home abuse

If your loved one resides in a nursing or care facility, you know what it feels like to entrust your loved one's care to others. You expect the nurses, doctors and staff at the facility to provide quality care and remain attentive to your loved one's needs.

Medical Malpractice Vs. Honest Mistake

We go to doctors and hospitals in Michigan for accurate diagnoses and quality care. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes, people seek medical treatment only to become far more ill or injured. Medication errors, surgical mistakes, misdiagnoses and other oversights can result in serious consequences for patients.

EHRs add to personal injury claims against health providers

An emerging nationwide trend to be seen in Michigan and elsewhere will be the addition of companies that produce electronic health records (EHRs) as defendants and third party defendants in medical malpractice lawsuits. As EHRs become the predominant standard for the keeping and sharing of patients' medical records between health care providers, the incidence of critical errors caused in the use and interpretation of the records is growing. Whenever  an error in the use of the patient's EHR leads to the patient's personal injury or death, a legal claim may arise against the producers of the digital records.

Patient's catastrophic injuries result in $35.4 million verdict

Current health care practices in Michigan and nationwide stress the development of a single patient chart, preserved digitally, that contains everything about a patient's prior health problems and treatment history. This greatly improves the level of care for the patient and makes the physician's job much easier when new medical problems or conditions must be treated. If a doctor or hospital fails to enter the required treatment or test results into the patient's electronic file, the provider may be liable for damages, including catastrophic injuries, resulting from that failed duty. That is what happened in a case in another state where a jury rendered a $35.4 million award in favor of a patient who became permanently paralyzed due to the failure of the defendant doctor to put vital information into the patient's electronic database. The woman, a former teacher who sought treatment in 2004 for dizzy spells, was diagnosed at that time with brain wave abnormalities, a finding that was required to go into her electronic file. The defendant doctor failed to do it. Several years later, the woman was pregnant and went to a hospital to have the baby delivered. The nature of the woman's brain irregularities made it necessary for her to have a Cesarean section instead of a natural delivery. Entering into labor for a prolonged period was considered to be a danger for someone with her diagnoses. She was not given a Cesarean but was allowed to have natural birth because the medical providers were not privy to the vital medical information about the patient. She consequently suffered a massive stroke within hours of the delivery and remained in a medically-induced coma for the next two months. She is now unable to function on her own and requires 24 hour care. The verdict seeks to compensate her for these catastrophic injuries, including for past medical expenses, future medical expenses, home care services, permanent lost earning capacity and pain and suffering. The same negligence principles apply in Michigan and would govern the outcome of this case.

VA clinic causes catastrophic injuries, $21.5 million award

There are medications and treatments, now used in Michigan and all other states, that can be given to head off a stroke and to stabilize a person's vital signs when a stroke is knocking on the door and announcing itself by various signs and symptoms. The failure to observe the symptoms and administer the appropriate protocol can constitute malpractice. When the patient suffers catastrophic injuries after the negligent failure to identify and follow these life-saving procedures, the careless medical provider will be liable for compensation of the catastrophic injuries that result.

Medical malpractice settlement of $4.5 million to paralyzed man

A hospital in Michigan can be liable for the negligent treatment of a patient in its emergency room. Emergency room care is not generally held to as high a standard of care due to the rush nature of the work and the easier likelihood of accidental error. However, the institution is still liable for medical malpractice if its care falls below the acceptable standard of care recognized by other hospital emergency care departments in similar circumstances.

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